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ETH Address: 0x02D8cDa8114bE22e363BAd3C436676b2bE55cCE2

**Twitter id: @vaquas

**Discord id (optional): Vaquas#3958

Values & reasons for joining: Hi folks, This is Vaquas ! Would love to be a PUSH delegate

As a block chain enthusiast, I see blockchain adoption to have both tech as well as very strong collaborative aspect. To unleash & reap true value of blockchain it is imperative to bring enthusiasts, professionals, businesses & even regulators on the same page through building awareness & promoting collaboration. Thus, I aim to work on both these aspects & EPNS project is an exciting avenue to do so. Lastly, through EPNS I want to spur the DEFI ecosystem in my country India where still traditional financial product dominates.

Web3 Qualifications/Skills: I have just kick started my journey in block chain and on my way to create my first smart contract. Armed with Python, am a Project Manager by profession & super excited to use a blend of tech & management to add to this collaborative journey which is set to change our lives.