Aswin Krishna PUSH Delegatee Nomination

  • ETH Address: 0xf3616F3ac65DD5C8C43Cb9aDB99103fb690CCFA2
  • Twitter id:
  • Telegram id: Swarley_YT
  • Discord id: soberplastic#0071
  • Values & reasons for joining: I’ve been learning about EPNS for the past few months, and ever since I joined EPNS as a governance Intern I feel I can offer a unique perspective as a delegatee due to my biochemical engineering background.
    This allows me to be non-partisan when it comes to voting and related activities.
  • Web3 Qualifications/Skills: Currently involved in a DAO (Rats DAO) that fractionalizes blue-chip NFT’s, and is part of a Chain Agnostic NFT project, as I believe the future will be multi-chain where each blockchain serves its own niche. Self-teaching myself Plutus and Solidity so I can better understand and deploy smart contracts and aid in Governance.