EPNS PUSH Delegatee Nominations (Start here!)

What are PUSH Nominees?

A key part of our decentralization is making sure the community feels empowered. PUSH Nominees are active community members who strongly align with our mission to build a protocol for blockchain-based notifications that are platform agnostic and incentivized, and have shown time and time again their willingness to take a role in the EPNS ecosystem.
PUSH Nominees will allow EPNS to accelerate our decentralization, eventually turning all governance over to the community.

PUSH Holders can choose to delegate their voting rights to any PUSH Nominee whose thoughts are well represented with theirs.

How to submit your nomination?

  • Create a New Topic here with your Name as Title
  • Submit your nomination in the following template

Nomination Template

  • ETH Address:
  • Twitter id:
  • Telegram id (optional):
  • Discord id (optional):
  • Values & reasons for joining:
  • Web3 Qualifications/Skills:

Criteria to add your profile on EPNS- PUSH Governance Website

  • Your nomination must receive a minimum of 10 likes

Once your nomination meets the above criteria, your profile gets added to the EPNS-PUSH Governance website (https://incentives.epns.io/) and community members can start delegating voting power to you.

Note: EPNS-PUSH Governance website is updated only at mid & end of the month

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