Helping “PUSH” the PUSH Ecosystem (BD, Integrations, Developer Outreach)

Howdy there PUSH people,

Would love to talk to the Push notification Business Development team, we are actively working on and building on many EVM chains as well as growing the ecosystem. As Ethereum Enterprise Alliance members, we at the Minority Programmers would love to work with the Push protocol to expand integration, help with governance and engage additional developers! Would love to make intros to appropriate stakeholders as we are looking to integrate Push. On the EVM side we would like Push to be integrated on Avalanche, Celo, Arbitrum, Optimism, Aurora, Moonbeam and can assist with this. Additionally we work closely with NEAR (super close with NEAR), Solana, and Algorand ecosystem and can also link with projects across the ecosystem. From a tutorial it appears like NEAR & Solana are on the roadmap, we can help PUSH this.

Twitter: @minorityprogram

This is not a proposal but rather an invitation to help <3


Ive heard of MPA with NEAR events. Would be great to have more grass roots efforts to expose PUSH to more potential devs

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We’d love to, would love to start planning something for EthDenver! NEAR will also be having a presence there.

hi @minority
Thanks for the invitation :slight_smile:

I’d love to talk and put you in contact with our team.
Can you reach out to me on our Discord please?
I’m Jaf | Push in there (Push discord admin)

just DM’d, looking forward to talking with you!