Push Protocol Vision, Mission, and Goals

Push Protocol is the communication layer of web3.

Our mission

Is to enable open, trustless communication for web3 communities, DAOs, marketplaces, and wallets.

Push enables a decentralized communication protocol of web3. Any dapps, smart contracts, backends, or protocols can send communication (starting with on-chain / off-chain / gasless notifs) tied to the user wallet in an open, gasless, multichain, and platform agnostic fashion. The open communiation layer allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the comm across.

Our vision

Is to create a permissionless, seamless communication layer that connects every online individual and business worldwide.

Our goal

Is for every web3 service, smart contract, dapp, or backend to use Push.

Push isnโ€™t an app or a feature. It is a missing building block of a complete web3 stack. People cannot exist online without communication. Weโ€™ve been patchworking web3 by communicating through our traditional web2 channels. This will need to change if we are going to arrive at a complete web3 tech stack in the future.

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