[Draft Proposal] - Rockstar Submission

The artwork describes the communication layer in the blockchain world

  • Harsh and Richa holding hands with EPNS potrays the bridge they created with EPNS, and sapling beside each of them represents the exciting future and the ability to grow.

  • Bead’s in the pathway represents the communications that Defi and NFT’s can create with the users using epns

  • Buildings that represents CPU’s in the background show the organisations embracing EPNS with Etherium logo inside the message bubble depicting it

  • Lines on the globe shows the decentralisation world with a flash on the logo shows the world recognising it

  • Coins on the trees represents the push governance tokens with a yellowish glow representing the bright value they carry

Cannot attach more than 1 file. Please check the illustration and the video to clearly see the oil painting

Lets $PUSH for #Web3Notifs

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Thank you for nominating yourself for ROCKSTAR contest. But I’m closing this topic here as this category is strictly for proposals submitted in this template. In this first iteration of governance, our ROCKSTAR proposals will be directly made on Snapshot.

For your submission to get more traction and visibility, please post this under General Discussions Category along with your tweet submission urls.

Check out the governance article for more info on rules and proposal lifecyle.

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