Request for a Hindi community

EPNS being an Indian project should not ignore the Hindi speaking community. As a Crypto YouTuber, I get so many messages from people where they send screenshots of different articles of crypto and ask me to tell them in simple terms what that means.
There is a huge number of Investors who do not understand English and should be helped in Hindi.
A proposal to create EPNS communities Specifically for these guys as they are an important part of the system and will become a greatasset for the project.
I know we are talking globally but what good is global launch when we can not help our home people?
I have been trying to help people understand the EPNS vision in Hindi and a lot have joined after it, but we need an official thing, an initiative by EPNS to support the Hindi community, & I am sure the creators can not deny this too.


Yeah, people want to understand everything but most of people in our country are not comfortable in English. Hindi community will be a big help!


This is a great suggestion @Imvijaygir . But I am closing this topic because

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