Beacon Pulse development + documentation learnings

Proposal TL;DR:

  1. Name: Beacon Pulse
  2. Email:
  3. About team: Web3 developer + UX researcher, see “About Team” for details
  4. Project TL;DR: A daily push notification with the ETH winnings of your Ethereum Beaconchain validator.
  5. Project overview: See “Project Overview”
  6. Value Proposition to EPNS: pull Ethereum staking ecosystem into EPNS
  7. Funding requested: 2500-4000 $PUSH divided over milestones
  8. Milestones: See “Milestones”
  9. Wallet address: mentor.eth
  10. Relevant Links & Attachments:, GitHub - actuallymentor/beaconpulse: A daily push notification with the ETH winnings of your Ethereum Beaconchain validator.
  11. Referral: EPNS team during Devconnect 2022 @ Amsterdam

About Team

The people working on this are:

  1. mentor.eth
  2. fjell.eth

mentor.eth is a developer in the web3 ecosystem, highlights:

  • Developer at POAP (not representing POAP here)
  • Founder at OnionDAO (
  • Maker of
  • Co-creator (the code part) of the Rocketeer NFT collection
  • Great fan of and documentation contributor to Rocket Pool

fjell.eth is a UX researcher who would like to remain undoxed but is active in the Rocketeer community and the OnionDAO.

About project

Beacon Push sends Ethereum stakers a daily push notification with their validator returns. It was one of the EPNS prize winners at Eth Global’s hackathon during Devconnect 2022. You can view the hackathon entry here.

Right now Beacon Pulse is a quickly hacked-together tool which works most of the time, but breaks once too many users start using it. There are three improvement phases we would like to do:

  1. Stabilise the code for scalability
  2. Improve UI/UX
  3. Write up learnings into documentation

Value to EPNS

The most important thing for EPNS is to integrate with as many web3 tools as possible. Beacon Pulse is a way to make the Ethereum staking community aware of its utility.

The brand-awareness aspect of a daily notification service is high and can contribute to many tech-savvy people in the Ethereum staking ecosystem to want to integrate with EPNS.


The below phases function as the project milestones. The $PUSH costs reflect approximately 250 $PUSH per day of work. Note that both mentor.eth and fjell.eth indend to hold the $PUSH tokens long-term.

Phase 1: stability

This will take between 1 and 6 days depending on how far we (over?) optimise the codebase. Right now we’re running into limits of the Beaconchain API, causing the system to seize up once a user with many validators applies.

In order to make this a tool that works for both Plankton users and Whale stakers, the tool needs to be able to scale.

The costs involved:

  1. Figure out API costs (they expressed being open to integrating directly with the tool, which would remove bottlenecks)
  2. The developer time required to redesign and implement the architecture
  3. The hosting costs of the backend (firebase)

Delegation: 100% mentor.eth, 0% fjell.eth
Cost: 500-2000 $PUSH, more funds is more optimisation

Phase 2: Improve UI/UX

Currently the signup UX is not ideal, there are two main things we’d like to do:

  1. Implement on-page EPNS channel opt-in
  2. Have fjell.eth do a UX analysis to make it friendly to the staking demographic

Additionally, we intend to implement Rocket Pool validator handling (non 32 ETh stakers). Which requires some extra calculations, and new integration with The Graph to include RPL token rewards.

Delegation: 75% mentor.eth, 25% fjell.eth
Cost: 1250 $PUSH

Phase 3: Write up learnings into documentation

mentor.eth and fjell.eth are big fans of exhaustive documentation and would like to spend some time writing their learnings during the development into documentation.

The developer-friendliness of the documentation should be on par with Firebase. fjell.eth will do a developer UX analysis, and mentor.eth will go through the documentation and improve code samples and technical elaborations.

Delegation: 50% mentor.eth, 50% fjell.eth
Cost: 750 $PUSH


After having the opportunity to learn about Beacon Pulse first hand during DevConnect, I fully support this proposal.
Not only brings awareness about EPNS Notifications, but it also brings an immense value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

I think there will be more room in the future for other types of notifications, like getting an alert immediately if your node is down. Perhaps even including more automation that if your node is down, you can make use of the Call To Action to “fix” the situation as much as possible.

The Learnings documentation part also adds immense value to this proposal in our goal to become the de-facto communication layer for the web3.

Great Proposal!


Super interesting proposal!

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This is a fantastic concept. Daily push notifications about validator returns for Ethereum stalkers would be really useful.

On the bright side, spreading awareness of EPNS among the Ethereum staking community is a cherry on the top.

The scalability issue must be addressed because we might see a significant number of users in the near future.

Overall an amazing proposal.

Amazing proposal mentor!

I support it, amazing proposal

interesting proposal! love the idea! :slight_smile:

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