PGP Proposal: EPNS Notification Web Widget

NOTE: everything here is open for discussion so feel free to leave any comments. (proposals, budget, disbursement, milestones, etc.)

PUSH Grant Program Application

  1. Project Name: EPNS Notification Widget

  2. Email:

  3. About You: I’m Chun, an entrepreneur and full-time builder with 7 years of experience in web development, UX/UI design, and 3 years of business development. I previously worked at ThoughtWorks and and am currently on a gap year to dive deeper into Web3 and the blockchain ecosystem. (I also had an opportunity to work with the Uniswap Grant to build a calculator for v3, check out the project on my pinned Twitter)

  4. Project TL:DR: EPNS Notification Widget is a simple web widget for dApps to easily customize, integrate and display Web3 notifications for their users.

  5. Proposal Category: Tooling

  6. Project Overview: Notification Widget allows any decentralized apps to display EPNS notifications for their users on their web just like the notification system on the Web2 site that we’re all familiar with. Here are the features of the widget:

    • Single-command package installation via NPM/Yarn
    • Vanilla JS and React.js supported
    • Desktop and mobile supported
    • Theme customization
    • EPNS Channel customization (with multi-channel support)
    • Icon notification badge
    • Developer-friendly documentation (Getting Started, Themes, and API references)
  7. Value Proposition to EPNS: The objective of this project is to increase the visibility of the Web3 notification by making a notification a default feature for dApps and increase adoption for the EPNS project by encouraging users to download the app or extension for a better notification experience.

    Summary: more visibility → more users’ adoption of an app/extension → more dApps likely to adopt the EPNS protocol → more visibility

  8. Funding Requested: Total funding needed is $10000 which is 10532 $PUSH tokens as per the current price of $0.9491.

    • (1) $8000 for 1 month (4 - 5 weeks) of full-time development. (design & development)
    • (2) $1000 * 2 = $2000 for 2-month of open-source maintenance including bug fixing, improving documentation, and minor features implementation.

    Disbursement detail: 30% of (1) at the start of the project before phase 1 (2528 $PUSH ~ $2400) and 70% of (1) + (2) at the end of phase 3 (8004 $PUSH ~ $7600)

  9. Milestones:
    Phase 1; Researching (1 week)

    • Technical research on javascript widget and EPNS protocol.
    • Setup Github repo and code structure for the project.
    • Finalize design on Figma.
    • Write a draft of the document (API reference) on README

    Phase 2; Implementing (2 - 3 weeks)

    • Implement the widget based on the specification designed in phase 1

    Phase 3; Testing (1 week)

    • Test and fix the bugs
    • Write and review the developer documentation
    • Make all the detail right including adjusting UI and refactoring the codebase.

    Phase 4; Launching and maintaining (2 months)

    • Experiment with early adopters protocol → get feedback and fix bugs.
    • Launch the project on Twitter.
      • The incentive model for early adopters: increase project visibility by mentioning the projects on the launch tweet.
    • Maintain the project for 2 months including bug fixing, improving documentation, and minor features implementation.
    • NOTE: also need help from the EPNS community to spread the word on the launch and help to connect with 2-3 Web3 protocols to be an early adopter of the widget.
  10. Wallet Address: 0x79A375feFbF90878502eADBA4A89697896B60c4d (thechun.eth)

  11. Relevant Links & Attachments:
    Freehand - EPNS Notification Widget - Low-fi Wireframe & User Journey

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Hi @chunza2542
Thanks for submitting your grant.

Can you expand a little more please on what type of widget you are thinking on building?
EPNS already has a browser extension, a Mobile App, and very soon Browser based notifications - so, I’m interested in understanding the value proposition here.

What is going to be different to what these frontends are offering already?
Also, would be great to start a conversation in our Discord #Development channel so that our Dev team can also help bounce ideas to ensure this can be implemented.

Looking forward to hearing more about this one!

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@chunza2542 would be great if you could provide an update soon

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Hi Jaf, thanks for your feedback.

The idea for the widget is to increase the visibility of EPNS notifications for dapp users by displaying a notification dropdown directly on the dapp frontend so that both users who already know EPNS and who’re not can see the dapp’s notification/announcement directly on the website and then, later on, convince the users to install the browser extension, mobile app, or allow notification for the browser push notification for better notification experience.

not sure how much this answers your question. I would love to discuss more, feel free to leave a comment.

@chunza2542 I still believe maybe talking about it will help clarify more the vision.
To increase EPNS adoption and have more protocols use EPNS notifications, they also have to create a channel to do so.

Meaning → they cannot use the widget unless they have a channel so they can send notifications.

I think you are on the right track, and we do have the Opt-In functionality in our SDK that will allow for very easy integration in dApps so users can opt-in to receive notifs.

But, I would be interested in understanding if you have more ideas that we can explore to make it even easier for services and users to play with notifs.