Notifications via Multi-Channel communication

  1. Project Name : Notifications via Multi-Channel communication

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  3. About You
    3.5 years of software dev experience and have been following EPNS for many months.

  1. Project TL:DR
    Multi-channel support to receive notifications along with existing android/ios/browser ext apps

  2. Proposal Category

  • Tooling
  1. Project Overview
    A wrapper on top of the existing protocol that stores the user’s social channels and sends the notifications to all the mediums initially starting with telegram, email and SMS

  2. Value Proposition to EPNS
    Multiple touchpoints increases the user engagement with the protocol

  3. Funding Requested

  4. Milestones
    At most 4 weeks to set up the framework with a new channel integration every week thereafter

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Nandini! Thanks so much for posting and I know I’ll be glad to support your proposed contributions as a valued community member.
One thing we’re missing here is funding requested.
What i’d suggest when formulating this number is to break up the dev process in steps, then estimate the number of hours each step will require for each user involved times $100/hr.
Setting a higher end, even pay rate across the board should make room for many admin & setup costs, therefore giving you a realistic total project cost. Outside any other specific capital requirements this should account for most grants’ project funding and budget details completely.


Thank you Blake, I am still figuring out the work needed to build this. Will update the proposal with more details


Other thing I’d like to see in this proposal Nandini is a little more explanation on the Solution architecture.
Being tooling built on top of the protocol it would be interesting to see where you are planning to store these social media channels configs

Good stuff!


We can store the social configs in a centralised database for now and can maybe move it to push nodes along with user to subscribed channel metadata. But even before this I am not sure if there is a way now to listen to off chain notifications