Proposal by Verso mobile wallet

  1. Project Name Get Verso
  2. Email herve at get-verso dot com
  3. About You

The team is involved in the blockchain ecosystem for 6 years, The CEO Hervé Hababou is an experienced business leader and Vidal Chriqui is an experienced CTO (both 20 years of experience). herve at get-verso dot com and vidal at get-verso dot com

The overall team is 5 people.

  1. Project TL:DR
    Verso is a cross chain mobile wallet with 50k+ downloads and 200+ tokens available to be tracked. It allows swaps, easy onramp without KYC and to get gift cards from 1000+ online merchants.

  2. Proposal Category

  3. Project Overview
    The integration consists in allowing the users of our wallet to subsrible to any existing Puh channel. The messages will be also notified via the mobile notifisation service.We may also provide a flutter wrapper to Push SDK to allow other app developer to easily build on top of Push Protocol. At this stage, only feasability study has been done based on the public documentation

  4. Value Proposition to Push Protocol
    To ease interactions of mobile devs with Push through Verso wallet

  5. Funding Requested
    30k$ in PUSH tokens

  6. Milestones

The first milestone would be the connexion of Push protocol to Verso wallet. A later milestone related to another proposal would be gthe delivery of a chat for users.

  1. Wallet Address

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments and VersoWallet on Twitter ;

Hi @seb_verso
Thanks for submitting your proposal.
I will mention your project to the BD team as well in case they will like to have a conversation with you as well.

Ok thanks.

Adding Hervé and Vidal in the loop who would be in such a call as well.



hi @seb_verso
tried looking for you in our Discord and couldn’t find you.

can you please reach out to Telegram: Contact @therealmaddieli in telegram?

She is our BD lead and will be able to get conversations in motion with you and your team.

Will keep this Proposal open for 1 more week to ensure conversations are started and taken through the right path.


I just contacted in Telegram Madeline.

Looking forward to hearing from you


After discussion with the BD team, we propose more specifically push notification + push chat + produce flutter component. Note that Verso has 55k+ download and 10k+ users and could deliver by end of january provided we obtain the grant by the end of the year.

Hi @seb_verso,

Now that Push Grants Program v2.0 is installed, we’d like to take this proposal through the new process.

I’d like to request you to please fill the PGP application form accordingly. You can find the Application Form here:

Note: You can copy/paste the data you entered here in the forum into your application as the data is almost the same.

I’d be more than glad to answer any question you may have.
Will close this thread once your application is received.

Push Grants Program v2.0 process:

Ok, I just filled the form.

Application received.
Will be reviewed by the Push Grants Review committee very soon, and circle back with you.