PGP Proposal for PeerStreams(Decentralized video streaming with Push Notifications and chat)

Push Grant Program Application

  1. **Project Name : PeerStreams **

  2. **Email : **

  3. **About Us : **

##Shubham Patel(Project manager and protocol integration lead :office_worker:)

  • I am a self learned blockchain developer. I have started making dapps with my teams as hackathon projects and have won in 5 Web3 hackathons. my recent wins include winner in Push Santa Contest,Co-bounty winner in Superfluid’s Wavepool #4 , Pool Prize winners in Push track at EthIndia.

  • I will also be starting my Ethindia Fellowship in Wei track.

  • Discord : Shubh#8878

##Siddharth Shukla(Handles Backend development of API’s and Livepeer integration :mechanical_arm:):

  • As having a logically strong background in Backend development which help me to have the stable & sustainable backend-management of this application

  • Discord : gunner26735#5319

##Krishn Panchal(Frontend Wiz :technologist:):

  • Expert in UI/UX and developed interactive front-end, handles integration of various protocols and backend .
  • Discord : krishnpanchal14#9750

Due to image and link restrictions ,i have written a full proposal with flowcharts and link here, please visit below GitHub readme.


The idea sounds really good and i loved the flow charts ,all the best folks