1. Project Name:
Buidler DAO<> PUSH

2. About Team:
BuidlerDAO is a web3 project incubator and crypto community uniting engineers, researchers and operators to produce high-quality content and develop Dapps. We aims to BUIDL an influential and productive leading network for Web3 buidlers and accelerator for projects. Now we are one of the most active Chinese DAO and have over 6,000 engineers and researchers in DAO and 12 incubated projects.

3. Project summarize:
- Generate origin content like research and intro video for PUSH
- Hold internal sharing session in Buidler DAO
- Long-term partnership between PUSH and Buidler DAO

  • Project Overview*
    • PUSH Research blog in Mirror(CN,EN)
    • CN done by 6th Jan
    • EN done by 13th Jan
    • Topics: What is PUSH, Why PUSH, PUSH tech analysis, PUSH product (notification and PushChat. How to integrate PUSH, DAO governance, etc.
    • Introduce RockSTAR NFT
      in BuidlerDAO community. Encourage people to participates in content generation, integration of Push in their projects (drive more opt-ins) into their channel - This can go out after the research blog post as an every green reminder since we gift the NFT each week to a community member.
    • PUSH Intro Video(CN) - done by 13th Jan
    • Live workshop or talk about - Why web3 communication matters from Push team? in BuilderDAO discord - TBD
    • Co-founder Interview(subtitle in both CN and EN) -TBD
    • Partnership PR on Twitter- TBD **
    • Promotion in Chinese space: translate and RT important protocol updates on Twitter - Long term - TBD

4. Value Proposition to Push Protocol*
- Research content for people to learn and adopt PUSH
- Video for potential PUSH audience
- Promote in Buidler DAO community
- Chinese audience get to know PUSH more

5. Funding Requested
- Research - 300u
- Translate research - 300u
- Video making - 1000u
- Founder interview- 600u
- Interview translation - 300u
In total $2500 USD, which is 10,841 $PUSH at a rate of $0.2306 USD as on 4th Jan 2023.


Thank you very much for submitting your proposal @Rui
The Push Review Committee will get back with you soon.

This will be deleted in 24 hours or less due to inactivity.

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