Welcome to the Push DAO Forum

Welcome to the Push DAO Forum

Push Protocol is the communication protocol of Web3, enabling decentralised notifications, chat, and video for dApps, wallets and users.

Push DAO is the community that governs, drives and shapes the future of Push Protocol through grants, community building and ecosystem development.

We welcome all ideas and opinions on the Push DAO Forum! Just be sure to present them in a tolerant and respectful manner.

Push DAO Governance

The Push DAO governance process takes place right here on this forum. Proposals are formally ratified through Push Improvement Proposals (PIPs). There are no requirements for participating in Push DAO. Just dive into the conversation and start engaging with fellow community members!

How to Get Started with Push DAO

  1. Learn about Push Protocol : Read the Documentation to learn more about Push Protocol and its products.
  2. Engage with the community : Join the Push Discord and Forum, and engage with fellow community members.
  3. Join our Weekly Governance Calls : Join our weekly governance calls on Wednesdays at 15.00 UTC on Discord, where we discuss everything Push DAO and guide you on how you can start contributing.
  4. Understand the PIP lifecycle : Get familiar with the Proposal Lifecycle so that you can push your ideas through the governance process.
  5. Vote on Governance Proposals : Learn how to delegate your $PUSH voting power to yourself or others to enable you vote for or against governance proposals affecting the Push ecosystem.
  6. Stay updated : Follow Push DAO on Twitter to stay informed about news, updates and events.
  7. Ask Questions : Not clear about something? Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. We’re happy to help!

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