Push DAO v2 (Push DAO Council)


GM Push Fam, 2024 has been a monumental year for Push DAO! We are slowly but surely moving toward the goal of progressive decentralization, with Push Nodes slated for later this year; we have gotten together as contributors and decided to upgrade Push DAO, too. We have been hard at work fine-tuning Push DAO to become the Decentralized Autonomous Organization it was envisioned to be. To further realize this vision, we will upgrade the rails on which the DAO operates through our new DAO framework, ‘Push DAO V2’.

Push DAO V2 intends to introduce multiple programs for contributors and builders to participate in the DAO; it will make every aspect of Push DAO easier to navigate, and for the first time, a DAO council will direct and execute the vision of the DAO.

This council is akin to the delegates responsible for the DAO’s 3, 6, and 12-month KPIs that aim to grow the DAO and Push Protocol.


While Push DAO has existed for some time, we plan to take Push DAO to the next level. This will be done, as mentioned above, by launching multiple DAO programs throughout the year. We have already worked hard setting up the Push Grants Program v3 and the Business Development SubDAO. These programs aim to ‘Push :wink:’ the growth of the Push Ecosystem by leveraging a decentralized network of contributors. Some of our goals for the year include securing partnerships and integrations, op-eds with industry-leading publications, publishing new content (newsletters, blog posts, podcasts), growing the Push DAO following on our socials, increasing our contributor base, and much more.

However, the DAO will need an all-star team to direct and execute the vision for Push DAO V2 to achieve these goals. Therefore, we are proposing a Push DAO Council, which will be directly responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the DAO for the next 12 months (May 2024 - May 2025). The Push DAO Council will be composed of 5 contributors from Push DAO who have shown a passion for developing the success of Push DAO.


The DAO Council will play an important role in shaping the direction of Push DAO for the next 12 months. Below, we will highlight who the DAO Council members are and their roles and responsibilities within the DAO. Each member will be directly responsible for a different DAO vertical, ensuring success in their vertical. In the spirit of collaboration, however, all 5 members will assist each other in all aspects of running the DAO.

DAO Council

Push Governance Lead - Ian

This role includes managing DAO governance structures, treasury and budgeting, Push token listings, and setting DAO KPIs. This also means he is the final sign-off on any transactions proposed. The Push Governance Lead is also the Liaison to the Push Foundation. Furthermore, when asked to speak at tier-one events with the strategic fit for the DAO and the Foundation, the governance lead is compensated by the Foundation for doing so. This includes Consensus, MCON, and Devcon. These events have already been agreed upon with the DAO Council and the Foundation, in the first case, in full, and in the last two cases, if there is a strategic fit. The Governance Lead also acts as the chief comms officer for the DAO, speaking for it at events when he is asked to do so. All leads are empowered to do the same when asked to and when the council votes to apply to an event. If you have any further inquiries, you should refer to the rationale below in the events section. Finally, the Governance Lead is the final eye on all KPIs-related alignment since he has to report on performance to the Foundation.

Push DAO Operations Lead - Sixty

This role includes managing and staying on top of DAO and SubDAO Operations. Ensuring the DAO is operating efficiently and SubDAOs are aligned with the greater DAO. The Operations Lead, together with the Governance Lead, is also a final reviewer of all transactions before they are made. He also helps to ensure that Push SubDAOs do not scale beyond the capability of the Push DAO budget on a monthly, quarterly, six-month, and yearly basis. The Ops Lead ensures the council is coordinated for meetings, votes, and priorities. Finally, as with all leads, when asked to attend events by the DAO, the Foundation, the organizers, or all of the above, he is compensated for doing so.

Push Ecosystem Lead - Carla

This role will involve managing Push Ecosystem partners and liaising for all the Push Ambassador programs. The Ecosystem Lead is also responsible for educational initiatives and Push ecosystem events. The Ecosystem Lead improves onboarding through Push Grant and Push Ambassador application forms and portals as well as through community feedback. She also leads all Spanish-language initiatives, together with the Marketing Lead. The Ecosystem Lead is also responsible for proposing and coordinating new programs to grow the DAO, primarily on a team with the Growth and Marketing Leads. Like the governance lead, the Ecosystem Lead is compensated by the Foundation for events, as determined on that side.

Push Growth Lead - Chris

This role will be responsible for growing the Push DAO and the Push contributor base through participation in SubDAOs and curating onboarding activities. The Growth Lead is also responsible, together with the Ecosystem Lead, for partnerships, including student-level developer involvement in Push Protocol and Push DAO. Additionally, he drives programs with the end goal of increasing developer and contributor involvement and the overall awareness of the DAO. Finally, as with all leads, when asked to attend events by the DAO, the Foundation, the organizers, or all of the above, he is compensated for doing so.

Push Marketing Lead - René

This role will coordinate marketing activities for Push DAO and manage all the Push DAO Social accounts and the Push DAO content calendar. The Marketing Lead assists the Growth and Ecosystem Lead with equal standing on all educational-related programs and programs related to increasing the awareness and authority of the DAO. The Marketing Lead is responsible for social-related growth and overall growth in contributors, developers, and integrations-related leads due to marketing efforts within the DAO. Other leads assist with all of these efforts inside of their respective scope. Finally, as with all leads, when asked to attend events by the DAO, the Foundation, the organizers, or all of the above, he is compensated for doing so.

As Push DAO evolves over the next 12 months, these roles will be fluid, meaning the council may take on additional responsibilities when required.


The DAO Council will lead the way in governing the DAO; this will include transparent block voting with the community, the system which we will explain below:

  • The DAO Council will vote using a single wallet, with enough voting power to ensure a quorum is met.
  • The DAO Council will vote in public on each proposal that requests a snapshot vote; each member will have a single vote, and the majority (3/5) will decide the outcome of the vote.
  • The DAO Council will always share how each member votes and why they are voting a certain way before the end of the voting period, after which the council wallet will vote.
  • The DAO council will also consider the proposal temp check in their final voting decision, with the temperature check adding 2 extra votes, making it a (5/7).
  • The DAO Council will be independent delegates to any Push community members looking to delegate Push.


All council members can and will eventually be sent to events and compensated for doing so.

All Leads

All leads are already empowered to speak for the DAO. When an event surfaces that requires a lead’s attendance, the first question will be: which lead is closer in geographic proximity?

The second will be: which lead is more suited to speak at the event due to our purpose of being involved and their department?

If it is not a speaking opportunity but only a hackathon or a sponsorship, we may not have a lead physically present. For a lead to be present in those cases, we’ll have to ask the following three questions: what’s the case for physical presence related to KPIs? Will anyone from the Foundation already be present? What’s the cost we’ve already paid as an organization to be involved?

Following the above, in the case of a non-speaking opportunity, we’ll ask: who is the closest in geographic proximity and who needs to attend based on the scope of their council position(their DAO department)? Currently, stipends for non-speaking opportunities will not exceed $1000 in PUSH in most cases. Cases that are exceptions require a 5/5 council vote.

For speaking opportunities, the third question will be: who has the needed experience for the proposed topic if we have not already been asked to attend the event by the organizers?

Here, the experience will be determined by past positions, both DAO and non-DAO, by writing and by those able to publicly vouch for the projected speaker’s fit with the opportunity. In these cases where we apply to speak, the Council must hold a temperature check to ensure strategic fit with our and Push Protocol’s leading KPIs.

If the Lead involved is asked to speak at an event, the process can and will be fast-tracked to approval by either a 4/5 DAO Council temperature check or the complete approval of the DAO Council and the Foundation, which already occurred with Consensus 2024. For tier-one events, including Devcon, Consensus, and MCON (for May 1, 2024 - May 1, 2025), total compensation will not exceed $1000.

What is “full compensation” for a DAO Lead’s attendance at and participation in an event?

What “full compensation” means, by rule, is travel, hotel, or homestay, and per diem is covered. Travel means how the Lead gets to the city involved, such as by plane, train, car, or bus. Hotel or homestay means the cost of booking a room or apartment for the total time attending and participating in an event determined by the booking website used to do so. Per diem means an average cost of food and drink and the possible occurrence of over-the-counter medicine being needed. It will average $60 per day of attending/participating if the conference is in the USA or Europe.

Hotel costs will be determined by a safe neighborhood stay in an above-average hotel within a reasonable distance of the event. In all cases, walking distance to the event is prioritized if the hotel involved is less than $750 for 4 nights(using USA and Europe-based events as benchmarks). In the cases of Southeast Asia, LATAM, and other global areas, the average costs considered will be less by design and determined by Leads either native to or familiar with those areas due to connections.

Travel costs will be determined by the cost of a plane ticket. First, Google Flights and one leading airline in the area where the lead is involved will be used as benchmarks. For the USA, that airline is Delta since they cover almost everywhere in the world via codeshares and have a reputation for at least average quality of travel. The same metric of “average quality of travel” will be used for all other areas and their respective airline-based benchmarks.

If the Lead does not need to take a plane to attend the event, the cost will be determined by, for example, the cost of an average, generally reliable model of a rented car per day in their respective global area. Trains may be considered if the total journey is approximately 3 hours or less.

In the rare cases where a Lead has their vehicle and can drive to an event, gas is compensated if the mode of travel is approved because the Lead elects to do so and the event is 6 hours or less away.

Overall, for the calendar year of May 1, 2024 - May 1, 2025, total compensation will never exceed $1000 per event, and the total tier-one events a Lead is involved in will never exceed 1-2. All other events are considered community-level and will average $500-$1000 in compensation for the lead involved, except in rare cases where the DAO votes as a whole to give the Lead more.

The Governance Lead

The Governance Lead acts as a Chief Comms Officer and the Primary speaker when said events call for not just the DAO but the Protocol (the Foundation) to speak on topics and in situations where it requires him to be empowered to do so by both.

This includes but is not limited to cases where the Founders of Push Protocol are asked to speak but cannot attend and cases where he is expressly asked to speak by the event’s organizers or those of a side event.

Any question about the Governance Lead’s involvement in and compensation for his involvement in said events should refer to this rationale and the fact that he has been empowered by the DAO and the Foundation to speak for both publicly from day one.

To avoid conflicts of interest, due to their full-time positions at the Foundation, the Governance Lead and Ecosystem Leads are not compensated by the DAO, but by the Foundation for events.


The Leads are responsible for growing Push DAO’s awareness and authority, driving more contributors to Push DAO, driving more qualified integrations related leads to Push DAO, and driving more developers to Push Protocol through the DAO’s programs.

See here for a detailed breakdown of KPIs.

The Council Wallet


The above is the DAO Council wallet. Any vote made with it and the 1.4 million PUSH delegated to it formally represents the interest and consensus of the entire council and, by extent, the interests and consensus of the DAO itself.

This vote passing also signifies the formal agreement of the council that this is the case for May 1 2024 to May 1 2025, at which point this point can be re-evaluated.


FOR: Enstate a DAO Council for the next 12 months

AGAINST: Do Not Enstate a DAO Council for the next 12 months


Hey @EC3 , I am requesting that this vote be fast-tracked to snapshot to ensure we can begin operations in a timely manner as laid out in the proposal above. :handshake:

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Awesome everyone on the board who is contributing, you will do an incredible job and my best wishes.

Let’s keep pushing Push DAO forward!!


Due to the partnership and our participation in the event almost being finalized, a sentence has been added for the vote tomorrow, " Carla, the ecosystem lead will be compensated if she is available and confirmed to attend Ethereum Uruguay. All leads will be compensated for event involvement given the conditions laid out in the full proposal above.

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This proposal has passed the Snapshot vote with 1,433,311 PUSH voting FOR.