[Proposal] Push DAO Onboarding Program

Author: @ChristianDike
Reviewers: @sixtykeys @ec3 @carlaupgrade @rene
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Created: 06-10-2024
Quorum: 1% of Circulating Supply

Simple Summary

This proposal seeks to establish an onboarding program for new members of Push DAO with the aim of turning them into active contributors as quickly as possible.


We propose to establish an onboarding program within Push DAO that will ensure that new members are fully integrated into Push DAO, educated about the DAO’s processes and the various contribution opportunities within Push DAO.

Through this onboarding program, new members should be able to gain a working knowledge of Push DAO and should be able to make their first contribution within 1-2 weeks of joining the DAO.


The launch of Push DAO v2, Push Grants Program v3, and the Business Development SubDAO, has generated public attention and interest in Push DAO. In order for Push DAO to effectively scale all these programs, meet its KPIs, and become truly decentralized and community-managed, there is a need to get more contributors involved in working towards the growth and development of the DAO.

Currently, there is no formal process for onboarding new contributors to Push DAO. When potential contributors want to join the DAO, the DAO Council takes on the responsibility of onboarding them. This is neither an efficient nor scalable approach as the DAO continues to grow and more members flock in.

This is why it is necessary to establish an onboarding program that runs independently, ushering in potential contributors in a manner that is systematic, streamlined, and incentivizes participation. Without this in place, we may lose potential contributors due to them having a poor onboarding experience.


Onboarding Program

There will be an onboarding program for onboarding new members into Push DAO. The onboarding program entails a set of activities for new members to complete. By completing these activities, new members will get to learn about Push Protocol, the Push governance process and how to participate and contribute to Push DAO.

The onboarding program is divided into four phases, with each phase containing a set of activities for new members to complete.

Contribution Streams

In addition to other contribution opportunities within Push DAO such as the Grants SubDAO and the BD subDAO, new members will be able to contribute to Push DAO through any of the following contribution streams:

  1. Content: The Content stream is responsible for all content creation activities in Push DAO for public consumption. This includes blog posts, articles, the Push DAO newsletter, social media content, video content, and educational workshops.

    Contact person: @Rene

  2. Administrative: The Administrative stream is responsible for all operational and administrative activities within Push DAO. This includes taking notes/recaps from meetings, community management on Push DAO Discord/Forum, scheduling meetings, project management, event planning, managing the onboarding process, etc.

    Contact person: @SixtyKeys

  3. Development: The Development stream provides technical support as needed by Push DAO and Push ecosystem. This includes programming, design, technical documentation, technical workshops, DevRel activities, leading/reviewing technical proposals, etc.

    Contact person: @EC3

  4. Partnerships & Grants: The Partnership & Grants stream is responsible for driving and securing DAO-to-DAO partnerships, grants, and events for Push DAO. Activities here include researching, sourcing, tracking, and applying for grants, events, and DAO-to-DAO partnerships on behalf of Push DAO, etc.

    Contact persons: @CarlaUpgrade and @ChristianDike

Onboarding Calls

As part of the onboarding program, there will be onboarding calls held on the Push Discord. The aim of the calls is to formally welcome new members into the DAO, educate them about how the DAO works, and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves and meet the community.

There will be a minimum of one onboarding call each month.

Onboarding Rewards

In order to incentivize people to participate and complete the onboarding process, rewards will be given out to those that successfully complete the onboarding program. In this initial iteration of the Onboarding program, we propose a non-monetary reward. However, in subsequent iterations, a monetary reward may be introduced subject to the DAO’s capabilities.

In this iteration of the onboarding program, members who successfully complete the program will be rewarded with a special Discord role and/or a Push NFT.


New Joiners Discord Channel

A #-new-joiners discord channel will be created on the Push Discord. The #-new-joiners channel will be accessible to all members who newly join the Push Discord. In the #-new-joiners channel, new members will find all information relating to the Push DAO Onboarding Program and how to get started. New members will be also able to acquire their new-joiner discord role in the new-joiner channel.

DAO Growth Lead

The DAO Growth Lead @ChristianDike will be responsible for managing the onboarding program and entertaining all related enquiries. He will also be responsible for ensuring the onboarding calls hold as scheduled and verifying contributions from onboarding participants before issuing rewards. The Growth Lead will also be responsible for providing reports and updates to the community on the progress of the onboarding program.

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FOR: Establish a Push DAO Onboarding Program
AGAINST: Do not establish a Push DAO Onboarding Program
ABSTAIN: Neither for nor against


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