Push Grants v3 - A look into the new Push Grants Program

Authors: @GozmanGonzalez4 @SixtyKeys

The world of Web3 is constantly growing and evolving, and the role of communication can never be overstated in its growth. Push Protocol offers a revolutionary way for dapps to connect with their users securely by giving them the power to send notifications and messages to their users directly to their wallets.

The dapps or builders who ‘push’ Push Protocol’s boundaries are the pioneers of a more connected and secure Web3, and Push Grants were introduced to help accelerate this goal within the space. The Push Grants Program was created to provide financial backing to projects looking to build using Push Protocol technology. With the help of this grant, developers will be able to create innovative technologies that use Push Protocol, such as secure messaging systems for DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) or new ways to receive real-time price alerts.

Push Grants v3: A Shift Towards Decentralization

With the release of Push Grants v3, a major step towards community-driven governance has been taken. Previously, the Push Grants Program functioned under a more centralized structure, but with v3, it has been decentralized, and control has been given to the community.

A Grants SubDAO has been established within Push DAO and will now oversee the new grant program. This SubDAO has a Grants Council composed of two elected community representatives and one Push team member, ensuring collaboration and a focus on community needs.

To jumpstart the program, Push Grants v3 is launching with a pilot round focusing on specific areas within the Web3 landscape:

  • Social dapps
  • Gaming dapps
  • Mobile dapps
  • Community Initiatives
  • DAOs
  • DeFi protocols
  • Education
  • Publications/News

We particularly prioritize compelling social, gaming, and mobile apps and female and diverse founders.

How do I get involved?

Here’s how you can get involved: Push Grants v3 offers two types of grants to cater to projects at different stages, and they are:

  • Push Mini-Grants (Up to $2,000): This grant type is ideal for early-stage projects still under development or with a smaller user base. These grants will help kickstart the project’s growth and enable it to leverage Push Protocol’s technology.
  • Push Growth Grants (Up to $10,000): This type of grant is awarded to established projects already integrating Push products or projects capable of attracting significant new users to the Push ecosystem. This growth grant allows the projects to create incentives that drive user adoption for the project platform and Push Protocol.

Push is particularly interested in projects with a clear roadmap demonstrating how they will attract new users. Growth grants will be awarded through a more rigorous selection process than mini-grants.

Push Grants v3 goes beyond governance with a revamped application process designed for a smoother user experience. Developers and project teams can now leverage Charmverse, a dedicated platform for submitting grant proposals. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Check out our How to Apply for Push Grants tutorial.
  2. Once you have gone through the tutorial, head to the Applications page.
  3. Locate the “Create” button and select “Push Grant Application” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Give your application a clear title and complete the form provided.
  5. Save your progress anytime with the “Save draft” option. You can resume editing later.
  6. Once you’re ready, submit your application by clicking "Publish.”

Evaluation Criteria:

The Grants Council will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

Team: The team’s legitimacy, experience, and level of expertise.

Return on Investment (ROI): The size of the opportunity and the expected benefits of Push Protocol.

Milestone Assessment: The grant council will require clarity and accountability for project milestones.

Push utilization: The integration and application of Push technology in the project.

Project Details: The legitimacy and activity of project resources.

Experimentation and Novelty: The project’s innovation and market opportunities.

If you’re a developer or entrepreneur looking to integrate Push into your project, Push Grants v3 is a fantastic place to secure funding and propel your ideas forward.

About Push DAO

Push DAO is the community that governs drives and shapes the future of Push protocol through grants, community building and ecosystem development to expand the open communication layer that allows any crypto wallet/frontend to tap into the Push network and get any communication across.

The Push DAO Council addresses and executes the vision of the DAO, introducing multiple programs for contributors and builders to participate in paddling together toward greater progressive decentralization.

Push DAO Twitter | Push Governance Forum


It’s great to see that PushDAO it’s moving every intiative forward. We can help with the application and doubts, since we were grantees, maybe we can give some advice to the projects looking for a grant.


That would be great @CryptoReuMD, please share the grant program with any teams that are looking to build with Push :purple_heart::bell:

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