PGP Proposal: ETHIndia Video Interview Series Supported by Push Protocol

1. Project Name

ETHIndia Video Interview Series Supported by Push Protocol

2. Email:

3. About you

I am Salman, a Level 2 Contributor in BanklessDAO, and Creator of #SalmanNeedsAJob, a media project that started as a YouTube channel to help me figure out my career through conversations with people about their jobs, and now is dedicated to covering the world of work in web3 (reflecting the direction of my career and involvement in the space). Please take a look at my YouTube channel for proof of work. I also regularly host twitter spaces on one of the most popular web3 communities in India called The Product House.

Twitter: @salmanneedsajob
Discord: salmanneedsajob :black_flag:#6938
On-chain reputation: salmanneedsajob.eth

Video Editors: I work with contributors for editing the videos, but unable to mention at this time as they are subject to availability.

4. Project TL:DR

I will be creating a series of interviews (10+) during the week of ETHIndia featuring conversations with web3 developers, operators, and enthusiasts, recorded at the various events around the conference in Bangalore, India. The videos are expected to reach ETHIndia attendees and the Indian web3 community in general. I propose a content partnership where I will create Push Protocol branded segments and assets within each video in the series, which will be used to succinctly inform the viewers about the communication stack in Push Protocol, and advocate to build on this technology.

[Side note] The proposal is a bit time sensitive as ETHIndia is only 2 weeks away, and it would require that the proposal passes well prior to that in order for me to work on what I am proposing here.

5. Proposal Category

Marketing, Content

6. Project Overview

On #SalmanNeedsAJob, I am known to create quality content and engage in meaningful conversations on various web3 topics, whether it is about the technology, careers, or community. The ETHIndia event is attracting an audience of builders in various stages of their journeys. Like always, I am going to be carrying my camera, mic, and tripods, and be prepared to launch into recording podcasts and going behind the scenes of the technologies they are building. It is an exciting time to be a part of web3, and everyone interested in it is a potential audience for this content.

The videos once recorded will be published on a weekly basis following ETHIndia, and are expected to continue coverage over 2 months.

This grant request is for funding the creation of these videos, and the value that the content partnership is going to bring to Push Protocol, explained in the next section.

Example of a video in reference:

7. Value Proposition to Push Protocol

Should I be offered the grant, I will officially consider the ETHIndia series on #SalmanNeedsAJob to be “Supported by Push Protocol”. This can be thought of as an awareness campaign to help the community become familiar with Push being the Communication Protocol of Web3. How will that be achieved? Here you go:

  1. Each video in the series will contain a logo that will be visible in one of the corners throughout the video.
  2. At the start of the interview, there will be a mention of this series as “Supported by Push Protocol, the communication protocol of web3”.
  3. In the middle of the conversation, somewhere between the 5th to 10th min, I, the host, will do a 30s segment in real-time during the interview talking about Push Protocol, it’s cross-chain notifications and messaging capabilities, maybe about the grants, and any utility the ecosystem offers to the community. (will prepare these segments with the team). This segment will also include a screen recording of the Push Protocol website (or app if provided) in a selected portion of the video.
  4. A dedicated interview with Push Protocol exploring the product and the ecosystem in detail. This video will also appear as a YouTube card each time we enter Push Protocol segment in the other videos.
  5. A blog page on for Push Protocol, which is a website I am working on as a home for all of my web3 content. The Push Protocol blog page will be added to all the other YouTube video descriptions for the ETHIndia series, and will contain an embedded link to the video, a referral link back to Push Protocol Website, and a written overview of the protocol.
  6. Push Protocol website will be added to the description on all the YouTube videos as supported by.
  7. (TBD) Should each video in the series have a page on Full-Time DAO website, it will contain Push Protocol referral link as supported by.

Although not a direct value prop to Push Protocol, I wanna highlight that if offered the grant, you would be helping PUSH the development of a budding web3 media project and helping sustain the career of a creator in web3.

8. Funding Requested

18000 $PUSH

9. Milestones

  • I consider the milestone as delivery of each of the 1 - 6 placements listed in the previous value prop section, which includes publishing the videos, along with the branded segments and assets, and inclusion on
  • The videos are to be posted on a weekly basis from 2nd week of December, for a duration of 2-3 months.
  • The thumbnail, title, and description, will be consistent with how it appears in the past videos on #SalmanNeedsAJob, with the goal to be clear, appealing, and informative.
  • The view count on my channel is public information. While I understand they are not the most impressive numbers, the content is highly relevant to the audience that Push Protocol will benefit from reaching. I personally do not classify the viewcount towards milestones, as they can be varying and some tend to perform better than others. Also to be considered is the compounding effect over time. However, I am open to suggestions and happy to answer any questions on this front.

Other consideration:

  • Should the recording of the Push Protocol video be delayed compared to the other videos, the other videos will still get published with in the description, and the branded segments included.
  • I am committing to 10 videos to be published, and any additional videos are going to be a bonus.

10. Wallet Address


11. Relevant Links & Attachments

12. Referral

Jaf | Push

Thank you for submitting your proposal @salmanneedsajob

While the numbers can vary a lot, one thing I’d be interested in understanding is how you plan on generating more traffic to your youtube channel, twitter and blog.

Some of the videos might not get too many views as soon as they are published, however is important to have a strategy where you can share your content with other portals, other communities, other DAOs.

I believe part of the value proposition in this case should be creating awareness of Push through sharing your videos with all these other communities to generate interest and then get numbers that can be used to measure ROI for the grant.

Also, milestones should come attach to measurable goals.
You produce 1-2 videos:

  • you start your strategy
  • you go into feedback loop to improve views and reach of the next video you publish
  • You adjust and go into the next batch.

Good questions and fair expectations @MrJaf. I will answer regarding milestone in a separate reply. About generating traffic from other communities - here’s what I will be doing:

  • I am on various Web3 Whatsapp and Telegram groups (10+) where I will be sharing each of the videos that are created during ETHIndia. The members of these groups are varied, with mostly builders from the Indian web3 community. I have found these groups to be welcoming of shills and announcements and often act as a source for feedback and an avenue to improve the visibility of the content and thereby, awareness of Push Protocol.
  • I will be sharing the videos on various communities discord servers that I am actively a part of, and others as well, on their proof of work or shill channels. These are not extremely effective as such, but will definitely do add to the traffic to the content.
  • I will be promoting the videos on my own social media - Twitter, LinkedIn, and Lens accounts.
  • I expect the guest on the video to share the podcast on their social, and if the podcast is about a project they are representing, oftentimes they share it as well. This will help the content reach the audience of the respective guests on the show.
  • For the representing projects in the interview, I will request them to share it on their discord announcement channels.
  • The idea behind creating a blog page for each of these content is also to index them on search engines and reach the people searching for this content in the future.
  • I will create one or two short videos (1-min) for each of these videos, and promote them on YouTube shorts, lenstube, and my social accounts. The short videos will help drive traffic to the main video.
  • On YouTube, I will aim to optimize the titles based on popular search queries around the topic that is being discussed on the episode (without being misleading, as it needs to accurately represent the contne to of the video). I also expect the videos to be among the top results for the search “ETH India”, and serve as suggestions on related videos.

I believe each view on these videos will contribute to creating awareness about Push, through the logo on the video, and a callout at the start of the video. I am also open to more ideas on driving traffic to the content.

Thanks for the response @salmanneedsajob
Given the urgency to get this proposal approved before ETH India, I’d suggest bringing more attention to your idea in our Discord.

Also, keep in mind we have our Rockstars Program v2running every week. So, even if it turns to be that this proposal doesn’t get approved before the ETH India event → you can always participate for Rockstars of Push.

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I had a question regarding the milestones you suggested. So the milestones I have mentioned I are actually measurable - it is the delivery of the videos as per committed on points 1 - 6 in the Value Proposition section.

As agreed with @salmanneedsajob
Since the purpose of this PGP was to sponsor producing content during ETH India, and it was not possible to finalize the proposal procedure to completion before ETH India → this proposal will be finalized here.