PGP Proposal: Thumbs Up Finance

  1. Thumbs Up Finance


  3. I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and making YouTube videos for about 6 months. I’ve had the opportunity to work with protocols like PoolTogether, Index Coop, Loopring, Harvest Finance, Notional Finance, and more. My style of writing, which can be seen on my blog (linked below), aims to provide a level of detail and clarification I would want to see, but in a style that’s accessible and unpretentious. My YouTube videos feature tutorials and walkthroughs for beginner to intermediate DeFi users. Even though I’m relatively new to videography, the level of polish I’ve been able to achieve by working hard has lead many protocols, DAOs, and companies to reach out to me about content partnerships.

Discord: thumbsupfinance#6317

  1. Project TL:DR: Explainer content (blog posts, twitter threads) about EPNS, protocol integrations, and governance.

  2. Proposal Category

  • Defi
  • NFT
  • DAO
  • Tooling
    ** Marketing**
    ** Educational**
  • Gaming
  • Other

My content serves to educate enthusiasts and users, while also promoting the value of the protocol itself. It can be used for cross-promotion/social content, or even internally. For example, my videos about the Data Economy Index were featured on their official blog, and my walkthrough for PoolTogether was posted in their docs.

  1. Project Overview
    This grant proposal is for 5 distinct pieces of content. Each is a blog post, ranging from 500-2000 words depending on the complexity of the subject matter. And each post will include thoughtful twitter content to aid in marketing (either a well composed tweet with links, a thread that summarizes the content, or a thread that compliments the content). Here are the ideas I’d like to cover:
  • “What is EPNS (and why should you care)?” - explainer plus tutorial for getting started
  • Getting involved in EPNS governance - why + how
  • EPNS now integrates with [well known protocol X] - benefits and how to use
  • EPNS now integrates with [well known protocol Y] - benefits and how to use
  • EPNS now integrates with [well known protocol Z] - benefits and how to use

Regarding costs: I suspect there may be some costs involved with using protocols to demonstrate EPNS, but I haven’t factored them into my request. Content partnerships like what I’m proposing have typically provided around $500-1000 per piece of content, and so I’m basing my proposal on those numbers. I remain open to discussing further, but I believe for the quality of work I do, everyone will feel that my valuation of my work is fair.

  1. Value Proposition to EPNS
    EPNS is providing tremendously useful function and yet many people don’t yet know about it. My specialty is in explaining things clearly and in an inviting way. It’s the reason PoolTogether has accepted 3 grant requests from me to make content. And the reason Index Coop chose my content to win multiple Layer3 bounties and then followed up with offers for more content partnerships. Harvest Finance as well. I work hard, I produce high quality content, and I choose who I want to work with based on how much I believe in what they’re doing. And I believe in what EPNS is doing, so I know that everyone involved will be happy with the results.

  2. Funding Requested
    2500 $PUSH

Because the funding is provided in $PUSH on mainnet, I will need to incur some costs should I choose to exchange any (to cover costs, or reinvest in other content), so rather than $2500 worth, I’ve proposed 2500 $PUSH, which is closer to $3000 at todays value. I am open to discussion on this.

  1. Milestones
    “What is EPNS post” to be finished by mid-february OR two weeks after funding
    “EPNS governance post” to be finished by the end of february OR 4-5 weeks after funding
    Protocol integration posts to be completed at a rate of (at least) 1 per month, for three months following funding (i.e. 1 post in February, 1 in March, 1 in April). Depending on my availability and the hype around specific integrations, I may be able to do these in closer proximity to each other. But I prefer to do good work rather than fast work, and I am making other content as well.

  2. Wallet Address

  3. Relevant Links & Attachments
    Links to my blog, YouTube, twitter, and newsletter can be found here:

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i can say from experience that TUF is a great contributor to work with and provides excellent content for his audience.
he’s a professional to work with, communicates diligently throughout the process, and delivers in a timely manner. his multi-channel content is always well researched and educational, in addition to his reliable and active support of the projects he promotes.
i definitely support this grant!


Thanks Blake. It’s been great working with you previously when you were at PoolGrants. I think I’ve been very fortunate to have great opportunities, and I always try to showcase the best work, so everyone feels good about the value created. My goal is to be able to write and create content that’s educational, informative, and unique, so I always aim to leave a good impression.

I look forward to discussing this more!


Nice idea! I support this proposal


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As this is the first proposal, a quick reminder of the approval processes…

  • Proposal live for at least 7 days on the forum.
  • Proposal post receives 10 likes and 3 comments (in favor) within those 7 days or more.
  • A poll will be added within 3 days by the EPNS governance team (EPNSgov) for/against moving to Snapshot vote.
  • A poll must get at least 10 votes in total and will be moved along with For/Against majority.
    FOR: Proposal gets advanced to Snapshot within 3 days with voting open for another 7 days.
    AGAINST: Proposers are notified and encouraged to reapply after digesting feedback received.
  • Once the proposal lands on Snapshot, 4% of circulating $PUSH supply participating with a positive result is the passing bar. (At time of writing, 1/7/22, that’s less than 600k $PUSH)

As of the release of my second post, about getting involved with EPNS governance, over 50% of the total work (by word count, complexity) of the grant has been completed. I discussed with the team at EPNS about ending the grant prematurely. Having received payment of only 50% of the value at the beginning of the project, there is no additional compensation required nor reimbursement to be made.

I enjoyed working with EPNS on this project and I believe we are all happy with the quality of the articles that were released. In the future, I intend to continue participating in content creation for the DAO in other capacity.

Please consider this comment the formal statement of my release from additional obligations, once ratified by the EPNS team.

Thanks for your trust and flexibility on this project and I look forward to working together in the future.

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Thank you very much for all the great work and all the great content provided @thumbsupfinance

As agreed between the EPNS team and @thumbsupfinance - we are terminating this PUSH Grant today (June 14th, 2022) after having fulfilled all compensation to @thumbsupfinance and after receiving all contents and commitments as agreed with @thumbsupfinance.

We look forward to continue seeing more of your work in the near future and remaining a valuable member of the EPNS community!

The EPNS team