PGP Proposal: *insert title here* (example post)

This is a sample proposal.

Copy/paste the questions here, remove all in italics and please fill in your info below each item. There will be open feedback period where the proposal might need changes so don’t stress about making it perfect.

  1. Project Name

  2. Email

  3. About You
    Intro and background of those involved. Please link twitter accounts and choose preferred contact method below.

  1. Project TL:DR
    Quick pitch summarizing the proposal in 2-3 sentences.

  2. Proposal Category

  • Defi
  • NFT
  • DAO
  • Tooling
  • Marketing
  • Educational
  • Gaming
  • Other
  1. Project Overview
    Describe the project in detail. What is the work that needs done and what’s potentially already finished? What’s the timeline for completion on the different tasks? How will the work be delegated among the team? What costs are involved?

  2. Value Proposition to EPNS
    What are the benefits to the EPNS community for investing in this proposal?

  3. Funding Requested
    Figure should be in $PUSH tokens

  4. Milestones
    These need to be specific and a timeline set for the completion of each step. Funding will often be tied to the agreed-upon steps and timeline set here.

  5. Wallet Address
    Payments will be made in $PUSH token on mainnet.

  6. Relevant Links & Attachments
    If applicable, please share applicable links to your project (e.g., website, Twitter, GitHub)

  7. Referral
    Did someone from EPNS, or any of our friends refer you here?

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