[Draft Proposal] - Incentives for Approved Proposals


Healthy governance is one where the community is actively engaged and is contributing to the protocol. This can be done by suggesting improvements, being active on the Discord Channel, tweeting about the project, making PRs, delegating their $PUSH tokens, and also making Governance Proposals.

Since the beginning of EPNS, the community has always been at the center of protocol, and with the launch of governance, it’s an important step towards complete decentralization.

We propose to incentivize proposers who have their proposal approved on Snapshot.

Proposal Description

For EPNS Governance to thrive we need meaningful proposals for the voters to show up and support as well. In an effort to attract and incentivize these kinds of proposals we’re offering an ongoing reward drop to addresses that make it through the proposal, discussion, then voting stage successfully (meaning an approved Snapshot vote). However, approved Push Grant proposals are excluded from this incentive program.

The reward will be 200 $PUSH paid to the proposing address (an Ethereum wallet). As an added bonus to proposals who gain lots of support, 100 $PUSH will be given to the user if their vote count is 50% more than the average of the prior four successful $PUSH vote totals on Snapshot (example below).

The program is meant to be offered on an ongoing basis, until and unless EPNS governance chooses to replace it. No current EPNS Team members are eligible for the incentives.

Added bonus example:
A proposal passes on Snapshot (number of individual wallet addresses are not relevant, just the $PUSH voting power).
Assume the previous 4 passing proposals on Snapshot have 825k, 1.09m, 931k, and 1.12m $PUSH votes respectively. That’s 991k average + 50% or more would get this user a total of 300 $PUSH! (rounded to 1,000th here)
$(824.31k + 1.09m + 931.12k + 1.12m)/4 * 1.5 = 1.487m PUSH$

ETH Address