About Governance Discussions (Read me first)

The second step in the governance journey is discussion. Draft proposals from the Proposal phase that meet the promotion criteria are promoted to the Governance Discussions Forum by a PUSH Champion.

Draft proposals in this phase should initiate discussion. We expect and encourage the community to debate them and express approval or disapproval.

How to submit a Draft Proposal for Discussion

  • Only PUSH Champions can push draft proposals once they have met the criteria of Governance Proposals to Governance Discussion.

  • This section is intended to serve as the last step before submitting a proposal to Snapshot.

  • Proposals can be pushed through to this section once enough traction has been gained in the Governance Proposals section.

  • From here, the draft proposal becomes a formal proposal once it meets the promotion criteria and will subsequently be pushed to Snapshot for voting to commence.

  • Only PUSH Delegatees (users who have 75k+ votes) (delegated) can initiate the formal proposal. If the user doesn’t have enough votes, then it’s expected of the user to either find a Delegatee to submit their formal proposal or request a Champion to find one for them.

Promotion Criteria

A draft proposal becomes a formal proposal if the following criteria are met:

  • Must be live for 5+ days in the Governance Discussion category
  • Must have a minimum of 10 likes
  • Must have a minimum of 3 replies

Note: The draft proposal promoted by PUSH Champions can deviate a bit from what started in the Governance Proposal section owing to the discussion and the spirit of the proposal. In the event of discrepancies between the draft proposal submitted in the Governance Proposal section and the Governance Discussion section, the proposal under the Governance Discussion section will prevail.

:warning: IMPORTANT :warning:

  • When submitting a proposal to Snapshot it’s mandatory to include the URL of the proposal discussion in the Governance Discussions channel on this forum.
  • As we gradually move towards complete decentralization of the decision-making procedure, at first the community will be able to vote and make proposals on the following topics: Grants program, Weekly Rockstars and Meta-Governance.

The web3 standard for these types of “improvement proposals” is to abbreviate with project name combined with “IP” (ex. Ethereum’s EIP).
For ours we could use Push for PIP, Notification for NIP, or maybe the less creative option I landed on for proposal-01, EPNSIP.

Let’s do a quick poll! I’ve got 3 options and a curveball already for us to start, if there are others mentioned we’ll add them to poll.

  • Open to any&all suggestion (Peply below)
  • Minimum 10 votes, open for 10 days
  • Winning option selected for proposals posted moving forward
  • Push Improvement Proposal, PIP
  • Notification Improvement Proposal, NIP
  • EPNS Improvement Proposal, EPNSIP
  • Decentralized Communication Improvement Proposal, DCIP

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