[Draft Proposal] - Fast-tracking of PIP's that get Immediate traction into Snapshot


Fast-tracking of PIP’s that get Immediate traction into Snapshot


At present all proposals should pass through 2 phases for them to be advanced to snapshot, adding up to a minimum duration of 10 days. This proposal aims to reduce the threshold and push a proposal that has been well received by the community directly to snapshot.

Proposal Description

To increase efficiency and allow for faster implementation and execution of important well-received proposals that got immediate traction within the community, this proposal intends to implement a fast-track framework for these types of proposals.

Suggested fast-track process :

Step 1 - Post the proposal in the Governance Proposals forum

Step 2- Proposal must receive a minimum of 7 likes and 5 comments in favor in the first 48hrs of being added to the forum.

Step 3 - The proposal will be assigned a PIP number in the discussion forum and be promoted to Snapshot without staying for discussion from the community.

Step 4 - Snapshot with immediate vote open for 3 days

This allows proposals that pique the interest of the community to not lose steam and stay in limbo until it satisfies the prevalent requirements.

Suggested scope & limitations of the fast-track process :

  • Fast-track can only act on Push Improvement Proposals (PIP).
  • Fast-track requires quorum (i.e 1% of total votes- ~ 153k PUSH as of 5 July 2022 )
  • Proposals that don’t meet the criteria will continue the standard flow.
  • The process should take a maximum of 5 days until a proposal is fully approved and ready for execution.


As suggested above a proposal requires 7 likes and 5 comments to proceed to a fast track phase. For a comment to be considered the commenter must have a trust level of Basic or above. The proposee must also answer the questions posed by Member must be answered before the proposal is moved to snapshot. Trust levels are badges that a user can earn by being active in the community and engaging with different proposals. More information on trust levels can be found here. Community discussions related to the topic can be found on the link attached


If the feedback from the community is affirmative, this proposal would be promoted to the Discussion Phase and then to formal voting. If ratified Proposals with 7 votes and 5 comments(in favor) in the first 48 hours on the forum would be forwarded to Snapshot voting.


This proposal together with the reduction of 1% in the quorum necessary to approve a proposal works very well together. There have been cases when a proposal is very well received from the community, but the time it takes for the proposal to go to snapshot disincentivizes participation once there.

A fast track will keep the community more engaged and foster a greater discussion as needed.

This proposal has been approved as of August 15th with a total of 1.6M votes in favor - representing 73.87% of the votes.


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