About the Governance Proposals (Read me first)

This is the very start of the entire governance journey. For any proposal to be accepted and executed for EPNS Governance, the initial proposer needs to submit their proposal on the Governance Proposal Forum with the rules mentioned below.

How to submit a Draft Proposal

  • Users need to follow this template and create a new topic under Governance Proposals.
  • PUSH Champions then check the submitted draft proposal to ensure it follows the governance rules. Some proposals will be asked to resubmit based on the Champions’ discretion.
  • Draft proposals are then promoted to the Governance Discussions by a PUSH Champion section provided they meet the promotion criteria mentioned below.

Promotion Criteria

Champions will move the proposal from the Governance Proposals section to the Governance Discussion section if they meet the following criteria:

Note: The rules of governance (meta-governance) are also the subject of governance and thus can be changed following due process. The governance GitHub repository and the forum will always reflect the latest rules as enforced and governed by the $PUSH token holders.

:warning: IMPORTANT :warning:

  • To keep conversations more structured and make sure the proper amount of attention is dedicated to each Governance Proposal, PUSH Champions will moderate and verify that a user can only make 1 proposal per week.
  • As we gradually move towards complete decentralization of the decision-making procedure, at first the community will be able to vote and make proposals on the following topics: Grants program, Weekly Rockstars and Meta-Governance.