[Draft Proposal] - Coordinape Tipping for Push Governance Community

Title: [Draft Proposal] - Coordinape Tipping for Push Governance Community

Background: To enable community tipping between the EPNS team and users in recognition of their contributions. Within the Coordinape dapp the EPNS and Push Governance internal teams will allocate $PUSH tokens to regular contributors and ask for their input as to management, new member additions, and funding from community treasury moving forward.

Proposal Description: The EPNS Push Circle within the Coordinape dapp is a tool for users to get recognized for their ongoing contributions. There will be a selection of EPNS internal team members who are going to allocate $PUSH tokens to the eligible users who have been added to the circle. This gives the community another way to be rewarded for their various contributions to the protocol and EPNS project as a whole.

Coordinape allows users to sign in with their wallets, announce to the circle what you’ve been working on, and then receive tip allocations for their efforts. There are epochs set and users are assigned a number of tokens at the beginning of each epoch to tip with. At the end of each epoch Coordinape generates a report with results showing allocations per user, it does not then send those tips and the epoch allocations are not tied to users’ real balances. The tool is simply to enable community tipping and recognition, the actual transactions must be sent outside using a tool like https://multisender.app/

The project has opted to fund an initial 28-day epoch with a small group of power users. This is meant to give these leading community members the chance to give their input from actual usage of the tool and give us a feel for how to best adapt it to our community’s needs.

Since this tool requires that extra transaction flow level we also need to define how we want that develop that process. These are the various functions and how we propose they could work.

User Addition

Two options here: allow a vouching system where members can nominate and vouch for new users, or admins only can add and applications accepted through a form fill process.

  • Vouching - The main variables here are # of vouches needed to approve and length of time vouching window is open.
    • Pro: Users able to add new users.
    • Con: Process not sybil resistant
  • Admin Mgmt - This would require a process in place for users to apply and some qualification set to make it a fair process.
    • Pro: All users are essentially verified by admins of circle.
    • Con: Centralized process dependent on internal team selection.

During trial epoch, internal team will add members from community channels.

Token Allocation

This tool doesn’t send out tip allocations at the end of epochs or assign balances to distribute based on wallet balances. The admin users allocate the total tokens assigned per user at the beginning of each epoch.

Should the community decide to fund this after trial epoch it will have to be discussed whether to allocate to all users or just the team at beginning of each epoch. There are two main ways other Coordinape circles we’ve experienced manage this:

  • Allocate a set amount of tokens to all circle members and send out only those tokens that are tipped by each user at the end of the epoch.

    (ex. Each user allocated 100 $PUSH, a user allocated 60 $PUSH over epoch, only the 60 $PUSH tipped is sent and remaining 40 forfeited.)

    • Pro: Community is allowed to tip each other and receive tips.
    • Con: Contributions may get lost if users aren’t motivated to allocate their tokens each epoch.
  • Allocated a set amount of tokens to only EPNS team members and require they each send out their allocations to community members only.

    (ex. Team members allocated 100 $PUSH and users are only allowed to receive.)

    • Pro: Users can focus on their contributions and opting in to receive rewards.
    • Con: Community cannot then tip each other.

During trial epoch, each EPNS team member will be given 200 tokens to distribute entirely to community circle members.

Summary: This proposal is presented to the community for the consideration of whether to fund this tipping/recognition ability moving forward. The primary factors that need input are…

  1. to fund or not?
  2. specifics around token allocation.
  3. method of user inclusion to the Coordinape circle

I support this proposal


This can be highly beneficial to the EPNS community from many angles. It will foster a healthy environment where collaborators get incentivized for their valuable contributions, and will also help developing leaders/champions that can help move Governance better.
lets do it!

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This seems like an interesting proposal @blakeburrito_EPNS It’d definitely help overall growth of the ecosystem to Push for governance better! I’d vote a yes for this!

Definitely in support of it

Full support to this proposal.

Sure, this is great. In favour of this one.

Intresting Proposal. I support it.:raised_hands::crossed_fingers:

Support it too. Thank you Burrito