PIP-09 Contributor Rewards for Push Community with Coordinape


This proposal is to enable & allocate funds for community contributor rewards between the EPNS Internal Team and users in recognition of their contributions. Within the Coordinape dapp, the EPNS and Push Governance internal teams will allocate $PUSH tokens to regular contributors.

Proposal Description

EPNS Push Circle

The EPNS Push Circle within the Coordinape dapp is a tool for users to get recognized for their ongoing contributions. There will be a selection of EPNS internal team members who are going to allocate $PUSH tokens to the eligible users who have been added to the circle. This gives the community another way to be rewarded for their various contributions to the protocol and EPNS project as a whole.

Coordinape allows users to sign in with their wallets, announce to the circle what they’ve been working on, and then receive tip allocations for their efforts. There are epochs set and admins are assigned a number of tokens at the beginning of each epoch to tip with. At the end of each epoch, Coordinape generates a report with results showing allocations per user, it does not then send those tips and the epoch allocations are not tied to users’ real balances. The tool is to enable community tipping and recognition, the actual transactions must be sent outside the tool.

Since this tool requires that extra transaction flow level we also need to define how we want to develop that process.

User Addition

For this first iteration of Coordinape epochs, allow a vouching system where EPNS Internal Team/admins can nominate and vouch for new users from the community based on the requirements of the respective epoch & the quality of contributions. Each epoch would have a few focused roles defined such as Discord Moderator, Developer Relations Advocate, Ambassadors, etc… that could help in the growth of EPNS. This would require a process in place for users to apply and some qualifications set to make it a fair process.

However, as the EPNS Push Circle matures, the vouching & nomination could be expanded to all the circle members.

Token Allocation

We propose to allocate a total of 50,000 $PUSH tokens for a period of 6 months (1 epoch = 1 month).

Out of the 50,000 PUSH, 20,000 PUSH will be transferred upfront to the team and the rest 30,000 PUSH will be locked and released to the team at the rate of 6000 PUSH per month over the next 5 months. Any unallocated amount of PUSH by the end of 6 months would be sent back to the community treasury.

The amount allocated for each epoch would be set by the admins based on the roles & the number of people added to the circle. However, to give assurance to the community and to keep the initiative attractive, the admin must ensure to allocate a minimum amount of $1000 USD worth of $PUSH tokens for each epoch.

This tool doesn’t send out tip allocations at the end of epochs or assign balances to distribute based on wallet balances. The admin users allocate the total tokens assigned per user at the beginning of each epoch.

Should the community decide to fund this, allocate a set amount of tokens to EPNS Internal Team/admins and require they each send out their allocations to community members only.

(ex. Team members allocated 100 $PUSH and users are only allowed to receive.)


If the feedback from the community is affirmative, this proposal would be promoted to the Discussion Phase and then to formal voting. If ratified the suggested $PUSH Token allocation will be used to manage community contributions through our Coordinape implementation.


This proposal marks a critical step in the EPNS DAOfication process. It will allocate funds to start a more structured onboarding of contributors to help shape the DAO and everything the comes with it.

With this initial step the idea is to allow a small group of Contributors to work closely with the EPNS team and help start small improvements foundational for the DAO growth. The initial iterations will be in a controled fashion where contributors will be elected by the EPNS team, and later on by the community and the group of contributors.

Opening up more reward streams is an important step towards shaping a community that has a unified goal. This will encourage more technical/non-technical contributions towards EPNS Project. Totally in support of this proposal.

Jaf, I think this is generally in the right direction. What kinds of roles and responsibilities are we thinking about delegating / allocating to contributors?

I feel that this will give a breath of fresh air to all those who would like to contribute to the EPNS ecosystem. Contributors should be aptly rewarded to boost community participation :rocket:

Initially our team will define a couple of roles that makes sense in order to grow and use the first few iterations to learn & adjust. Once we have a more fine-tuned process in place we’ll start open discussions to add more roles.

the initial roles will be defined soon, and of course we can brainstorm during Office hours.

This Proposal has met the criteria and will be moved to snapshot soon.

This proposal passed on August 17th with 81.88% approval.

Snapshot proposal URL:

Great Initiative! and coordinape is a great tool for fairly rewarding contributors.