Push Grants Program (PGP) Details **Start Here**

Push Grants Program lives here!

The entire grants process (from proposal to voting) can be followed on this forum channel.

  • Grant Applicants will post their #grant-proposals Community Members will weigh in on those applications, and Delegates and $PUSH Holders will vote :white_check_mark:for/against​:x: each one.

:question:What is the Push Grants program?

:person_raising_hand:Proposal / Application Process

New Grant Applications will be posted as a new Topic to this #grants page as a new #grants:grants-proposal post.

  • Proposal Template here

Proposals will be live for 7 days and must receive 10 likes :heart: and 3 supportive comments to be considered for further consideration.
From there a poll will be held and those with majority support will be moved to Snapshot.
:warning: The total timeline can be as little as 15 days.

More info:
Join grants channel on Discord
Visit the governance EPNS dapp
The EPNS grants program details and discussion can all be found here.
Members are welcomed to submit proposals and take part in the decision making of incoming ideas as well.
Proposers find info within. Voting takes place on EPNS Snapshot.