Push Grants Program (PGP) Details **Start Here**

Push Grants Program lives here!

Push Grants Program v2.0 is now LIVE!

:warning: Update as of December 13th, 2022 :warning:

With the approval of PGIP-1: Push Grants Program v2.0 on 12/12/2022, effective immediately the second iteration of the Push Grants Program is now installed.

Projects looking to apply for a Push Grant will now follow a more expedite and efficient process described below:

:question:What is the Push Grants program?

:information_source: More info:

Join grants channel on Discord

The Push Grants Program details and discussion will be openly discussed in our Discord, and publicly available in the official Push Grants notion Homepage.

Members are welcomed to submit proposals and take part in the decision making of incoming ideas as well.
Voting takes place on PushDAO Snapshot.