PGIP-1: Push Grants Program v2.0

Push Grants Program v2.0



Earlier this year we started our Push Grants Program (PGP) with the goal of funding contributors to BUIDL their projects and help with the adoption and expansion of the Push Protocol ecosystem.

This first iteration of the Push Grants Program (”PGP v1.0”) was funded with a budget of $1,000,000 USD (883,955 $PUSH at the moment of the funding) equivalent of $PUSH tokens from the community treasury. Since then, the program has funded 4 grantees including Push content producers, a Bounties marketplace, a Social Hiring platform, and even a Pixel 2D multiplayer online game. And as a result of Push Protocol presence in Hackathons and events this year we have been observing an increased interest of our community and hackers in pursuing PGPs.

These past two quarters running this experiment gave us the opportunity to learn and suggest improvements to our program, and we’d like to share some improvements below.

What went well?

  • Support the Hackers. Participating in so many hackathons this year gave us the opportunity to meet many talented individuals and groups with superb ideas, to which integrating Push made a lot of sense. And furthermore many of these hackers work on some of the most reputable projects in the space, and they are taking all the learnings after they integrate Push to their own projects.
  • Variety in the Grants. Being an Infrastructure protocol it’s easy to focus on development grants. However, we also met content producers with their own audiences and even provided multi-language knowledge sharing about Push in their own communities. More recently there has been more interest from educational platforms to include Push as a part of their cohorts.
  • Playing with DAOs. There are many DAOs aiming to provide their members with all the help possible to build their projects. Collaborating with these DAOs has given the exposure of our Grants Program to many developers.

Where do we need to improve?

  • The PGP process as defined originally started with the forum, where every PGP needed to be posted following a template until enough traction was gained to go to the polling phase, and finally to voting in the Snapshot. Making the entire process sluggish in some cases.
  • Push was offering companionship to Grantees not only in financial form but also by putting our social channels at their service to share about their projects with our community. Inviting Grantees to join us in our bi-weekly Friday Push calls, Office hours, and even highlighting them in our monthly and weekly newsletters. However, we want to do it even better. Meaning supporting projects with marketing, intros, and more. We’ll improve our support for grantees to succeed.

Enter Push Grants Program v2.0 (”PGP v2.0”)

In an effort to make our Push Grants Program process more useful, faster, and engaging for everyone that decides to participate in it; we are suggesting the following changes in the process:

  1. Every Proposal starts by submitting an application through the Grants Proposal Form (which will be made public if this proposal passes) and ensuring all information is complete and accurate. This information will be publicly available on the Push Grants public portal.
  2. Next step is each proposal being reviewed by the Push Grants Committee. This is a group of Push members from different areas who will get together to analyze each proposal to ensure it meets the criteria, and communicate with the proposer in case adjustments needs to be made or move the proposal forward to the next stage.
  3. Depending on the size of the grant there are different approaches to take:
    1. Push Rapid Grants (For grants not greater than $2,000 USD): This is a faster process that involves reviewing the grant, and after internal deliberation supporting the grant or asking for adjustments. The turnaround time ranges from 1 week to 2 weeks.
    2. Push Grants (For grants not greater than $20,000 USD): still, a fast process where after the initial review the candidates will be scheduled for an interview with the Push Grants Committee to answer questions, receive suggestions, and talk about milestone tracking.
    3. Push Community Grants (For grants greater than $20,000 USD): a slightly slower process for larger grants where after the initial review and subsequent interview, candidates are asked to post their proposal in the forum for temperature check (following the predefined guidelines from PGP v1.0 and skipping the polling phase as this step will not be necessary anymore), and if it all goes well then go to formal voting in the snapshot.

We believe implementing this new process will improve the speed at which Push Grants Proposals get executed, and create a healthy feedback loop for Push and Grantees.

Other considerations with this new process

  • Milestones verification. A very important lesson learned during this first iteration is how to implement accountability with grantees through milestone verification. All milestone goals and achievements will be clearly documented in the public portal and be used as a mechanism to confirm that the grant is on the right track. Of course, projects are living creatures, and its understandable that changes might happen, however good documentation and milestones definition should provide validation for grants.
  • ThePush Committee. We propose the initial committee for this 2nd iteration to be formed initially by Push team members from different areas (Development, Growth, DAO, and Marketing). It will be a committee of 6 members: 1 lead and 5 reviewers. With the lead ensuring the program runs well and optimizations are taken care of as opportunities arise.


As mentioned above its in our best interest to support the Push Grants recipients to the best of our capabilities, providing them better companionship in terms of marketing, intros to other projects, development consultation, and suggesting improvements for their grants to have better chances of being approved and reaching a higher impact and exposure with our community and others.

This PGIP (Push Governance Improvement Proposal) aims to be fast tracked according to PIP- 08 Fast-tracking of PIP’s that get Immediate traction into Snapshot.

If feedback is positive and this proposal is ratified, the new Push Grants Program structure will become effective immediately, and new proposals and/or proposals in early stages in the forum.

Push Grants Program v2.0 serves an even bigger purpose as it also places Push Protocol in a strategic point to start exploring more DAO2DAO collaboration opportunities, and have direct access to the most important developer groups to implement Push Protocol features.

Let’s keep PUSHing.


Seems like an amazing update to the program. Being the part of integration team, I can say this will create more awareness and adoption for push.


I support this proposal. It helps the developer community.


There is so much that can be built on top of Push. Facilitating and optimizing the process with the development teams at the core of the proposal is critical for success. I support this proposal.
Nicely done team.

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makes so much sense. remove hurdles, and let the devs buidl

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I like the proposal’s idea to speed up the process to help projects build. For many instances 1-2k can give a team the resources they need to get an MVP live, having a several month long barrier stopping them is huge. Great plan, much needed!


I’m very optimistic about the improvements to the program. I just participated in ETH India and was impressed by the innovation tere.
Helping the builders = helping the Push community.
All in favor

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Push Proving again that they are the best friends of the developer community ! This is an influential step to cut through the chase of the governance pipeline. Being in the Integration part of schemes I think of this as a very good proposal.
Well done guys!

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I support this proposal. There are a few things in particular that I like about this proposal. One of the biggest things I like is that this opens up the grant program to the entire market. Changing our grant program to include many tiers allows crypto markets to raise money and use Push. I also like that there will be a small grant size called Rapid Grants. It’s ever so important to ensure Push can give fast grants to builders who want to incorporate the protocol. Overall I think these changes will make a massive difference in the Push Protocol grant program.

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I support this proposal. It is going to benefit the community especially the builders to get early support and guidance from the team.

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Thank you for this proposal @MrJaf . I really like a few things about it. For example,

  1. Currently, all grants go through the same process leading to high turnaround time for small grants and in some cases, not enough time for discussion and consensus building for larger grants. It makes a lot of sense to seperate these out such that Push can find the optimal turnaround and consensus building time based on the size of the grants.
  2. Having a dedicated committee also makes sure that there is ownership towards the grants program and focussed attention is being put towards improving it over time.

I was wondering if Push could also add some sort of a feedback mechanism to this workflow such that when a grant is rejected (or even when it is approved), Push can share some feedback such that applicants are encouraged to apply again in the future.


Great point @chaks.eth
As we discussed today during Office hours - thats the plan.

This proposal is mostly about optimizing the process to obtain a grant. The companionship comes after and your point makes a lot of sense. We are planning recurring meetings with Grantees as review/feedback loops.

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The new grant system makes a lot of sense. I was part of ETH SF and saw so much interest in PUSH by the eth community.
+1 to @chaks.eth comment about feedback.

The timeline for the middle grant, $2,000 to $20,000, is missing.

TBH, PUSH can always ask for equity/tokens on a grant above $10,000. PUSH is already doing so much value add as compared to so-called VCs.


Thanks for reinforcing what we have seen on hackathons!
The turn around time should be the same for the mid size grants, meaning no greater than 2 weeks. As the team goes developing more cadence, the times will very likely be even shorter.

This proposal has met the requirements to be fast-tracked according to PIP-08, and has been promoted to snapshot for voting for a period of 3 days.

Snapshot Proposal URL:
PGIP-1: Push Grants Program v2.0 Proposal in snapshot

Voting starts: 09/12/2022 at 10:55 PM UTC
Voting Ends: 12/12/2022 at 10:55 PM UTC

The Push Grants Program v2.0 proposal has been successfully approved


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