PGP Proposal: Yubiai ~ Notifications module integration

  1. Yubiai
  3. **We are a highly motivated team with 4 founders, 7+ contributors. We met in Proof of Humanity community and started working together for more than 2 years non stop.
    Executive Lead with 7+ years of experience managing teams, self-taught dev. With 2 years in blockchain governance(mostly in proofofhumanity & gnosis).
    :bird: @NachoBritos12

Tec Lead with 10 years of experience in software development and 8 years managing development and designers teams.
:bird: @benjapieres

Solidity dev. Fullstack developer with 7 years of experience in frontend architecture, Javascript, Python technologies and experienced in solidity.
:bird: @DavidRiveroAl
David Rivero#4363

Full Stack Web Dev. Leng base JavaScript, que extiende con diversas tecnologías. Stack principal MERN (MDB, Exp JS, React JS y Node JS) con experiencia en Next.js, Angular, TypeScript y dif CSS Frameworks
:bird: @Lea_Venezia

  1. Project TL:DR
    Yubiai is a community-driven decentralized marketplace built on top of Ethereum, as such it brings together buyers and sellers in a single platform, allowing them to easily find and transact with each other services, digital products and goods using crypto. It has some key features such as Proof of Humanity sybil-resistance protocol as authentication method to avoid bots, and Kleros Escrow and Curate to handle disputes and curation of listings. And tackles a universal humanity problem: poverty, for each transaction there is a small fee intended to buy and burn $UBI thus increasing its value for every $UBI recipient.

  2. Proposal Category

  • NFT
  • DAO
  • Marketplace
  1. Project Overview
    Yubiai is a decentralized marketplace built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to buy and sell a variety of goods and services using cryptocurrencies. It is designed to be a community-driven platform, with users able to curate and moderate the listings on the platform through the use of Kleros Curate.One of the key features of Yubiai is its Proof of Humanity protocol, which is used as an authentication method to prevent bots and other automated systems from accessing the platform. This helps to ensure that the marketplace is used by real humans and not just automated bots.Yubiai also incorporates Kleros Escrow, which allows users to securely hold funds in escrow until a transaction is complete. This can help to reduce the risk of fraud or disputes and make the marketplace a more trusted and secure place to buy and sell.In addition to these features, Yubiai aims to tackle the problem of poverty through the use of its $UBI token. A small percentage of each transaction on the platform is used to buy and burn $UBI, which increases its value for every recipient. This creates a positive feedback loop that can help to drive the value of the token up over time.Overall, Yubiai is a decentralized marketplace that combines a variety of innovative features to create a secure, trusted, and community-driven platform for buying and selling goods and services using cryptocurrencies.All these features(except Curate & Lens as login/authentication) are already integrated now we will expand on future implementations.

Future implementations
Another potential future implementation would be used in Yubiai to help maintain a list of approved suppliers, vendors, or products. For example, to create a registry of approved suppliers that have been vetted for quality, reliability, and compliance with certain standards. This registry could be used to help ensure that the marketplace only features high-quality products and services.In addition, it would be used to create a registry of verified product reviews, allowing users of the marketplace to see which products have been recommended by other users and which have not. This could help to build trust and confidence in the marketplace, as users would know that they are seeing only genuine, unbiased reviews.

_NFT Minting and trading

On Yubiai users will be able to create, mint, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By uploading digital assets such as art, music, or video, and then minting them on the platform.Once an NFT has been minted, it can be traded on the platform. To trade an NFT, users would need to find a buyer who is interested in purchasing the NFT, and then agree on a price and terms for the sale.The process for buying and selling NFTs on Yubiai would be similar to that of other web3 marketplaces that support NFT trading. Users would need to connect their digital wallet to the platform, search for the NFT they are interested in, and then complete the purchase through the platform’s payment system.

_Liquid Voting Governance

In the section on the Governance mechanism above we described how token holders can make a number of decisions for the platform. In this section, we describe a future plan to allow token holders to delegate their vote if they choose not to vote directly. When a user fails to vote, his voting power will be automatically transferred to his delegate. Vote delegation can also be for other business units(service, NFT’s, physical goods) specific. Users could choose to delegate their vote in some business units but not in others. Note that delegates do not need to be humans. They can be smart contracts implementing arbitrarily complex voting rules (for example voting on updating fees based on market data).

_Products Module

The tangible products business unit plays a critical role in the operation of a web3 marketplace that specializes in the sale of physical goods, as it ensures that the products being offered are of high quality and that customers are satisfied with their purchases.Benefits from facilitating the exchange of goods:Increased customer engagement: By allowing users to exchange goods with one another, we encourage more interaction and engagement among its users. This can help to create a sense of community and encourage users to spend more time on the platform.Increased customer retention: By providing a platform for users to exchange goods with one another, we give users a reason to return to the platform even if they are not actively looking to buy or sell items. This can help to increase customer retention and build long-term loyalty to the platform.Increased transaction volume: By facilitating the exchange of goods, there is an increase in the number of transactions taking place on the platform. This can help to drive revenue for the marketplace, as many platforms charge fees for facilitating transactions.Greater appeal to a wider audience: By offering the ability to exchange goods in addition to buying and selling, a marketplace can appeal to a wider range of users. This can help to increase the overall user base of the platform and drive growth for the business.Overall, facilitating the exchange of goods can help to increase customer engagement, retention, transaction volume, and the overall appeal of a marketplace, which can all contribute to the success and growth of the platform.

_Harberger tax ads

A system for managing and displaying digital advertisements using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a curation system based on staking and badges. Here’s a potential high-level overview of how such a system might work:
_Advertisers create NFTs to represent their advertisements. These NFTs might include information about the advertisement, such as the product or service being advertised, the target audience, and any relevant terms and conditions.
_Stake a certain amount of a particular cryptocurrency or token to indicate their commitment to following the rules and guidelines for the ad platform. This staked amount could serve as a form of collateral to ensure that advertisers follow the rules.
_Earn badges for their advertisements based on the quality and relevance of the advertisement. These badges could be awarded by a panel of curators or by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that uses a set of predetermined criteria to evaluate the advertisements.
_When a user views an advertisement, the ad component queries the NFT associated with the advertisement to check if it has the necessary badges. If the NFT has the required badges, the ad is displayed to the user. If not, the ad is not displayed.
_The user can click on the advertisement to learn more about the product or service being advertised, and can also click on a link to view and potentially purchase the NFT representing the advertisement.This is just one potential way that NFTs and a curation system based on staking and badges could be used to manage and display digital advertisements. There may be other variations or approaches that could be used as well.

_Lens Authentication

Through the use of Lenster login we expand our scope of whitelisted addresses and usability features on the platform.

Timeline of completion between End of Q2 2023 and start of Q1 2024.Delegation of workIgnacio all the CEO and leadershipBenjamin with all the PM David with all the solidity related subjects and managing Test teamLeandro with all the web2 dev subjects and managing Test teamThe team already proved(see that it has what it takes to implement everything we set our minds to. Also we have the support of all of our partners(Kleros/TalentLayer) to do so.Costs salaries and servers until we are fully decentralized( we are using the progressive decentralization method mentioned on Progressive Decentralization: A Playbook for Building Crypto Applications)
7. Value Proposition to Push Protocol
Increased adoption of Push
-We believe that it is really important for Push to integrate as many web3 projects and tools as possible. When we integrate Push to Yubiai for the notification services we want to provide to sellers and buyers, a direct experience from the Push services and their benefits. We have our internal app notification system ready to integrate on Push services and encourage Push adoption for our users. Users will have access to information that is necessary to function on the platform thanks to Push. Some of the notifications users will get are listed below:
List of notifications:

  • New Sale When an order is created, the seller is notified by “Notifications”.
  • Channel (Chat New Message) When new messages are sent via chat, the seller or buyer is notified…
  • New Claim Started Notify when a new dispute starts.
  • Question status change When is a moderation on Q&A.
    _Integration of admin notifications(for funders/admin)
    Also Yubiai users will be recommended to download Push mobile app and use it, this will give another use case to Push protocol increasing its awareness and scale user growth aswell with the platform.
  1. Funding Requested
    $10K ( $PUSH 40253.3)

  2. Milestones
    To be done_Integration of push notifications from Yubiai platform.(3 weeks total)
    user_id: user that receive notifications.
    type: ”Sale” - “Channel” - -
    reference: Reference of item
    seen: boolean seen or not
    List of notifications:

  • New Sale When an order is created, the seller is notified by “Notifications”.
  • Channel (Chat New Message) When new messages are sent via chat, the seller or buyer is notified…
  • New Claim Started Notify when a new dispute starts.
  • Question status change When is a moderation on Q&A.

_Integration of admin notifications(for funders/admin)Already finished.
_Platform and admin notification modules.
10. Wallet Address
11. Relevant Links & Attachments
_Yubiai | Twitter | Linktree
_Yubiai · GitHub
12. Referral
Jaf from PUSH

Thank you very much @nachobr.eth.
Your presentation during our Office hours was great indeed, and thank you for taking the time to elaborate more regarding your proposal.

As we mentioned during the demo, for Push the most clear value proposition comes in the form of total number of notifications being sent in a time frame (weeks, months). And after the Push Committee review, there are a few things we’d like to clarify to go to the next stage with your proposal.

  1. During the demo you mentioned having 20 users in total that have been doing beta testing.
    We’d love to attach goals to each milestone that can reflect a bigger opportunity for Push.
    To consider Milestone 1 complete → get to 50 or 100 Active Users that are receiving X amount of notifications per week. This way we can clearly understand the ROI for Push

  2. When is your team planning to Go Live?
    During the demo you mentioned having a critical bug that needs to be fixed before going Live. Its advisable to set an ETA for the project to go Live.

  3. Describe your user acquisition strategy
    While your project is not Live and its starting it way towards getting traction, its important for Push to understand how you are planning to get users.

One interesting alternative is breaking this into smaller grants with smaller goals that could represent easier targets. For instance:
Rapid Grant 1: implement Push and get to 40 users
Push Grant 2: scale to 250 Active users

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Thanks for taking the time to answer MrJaf!

1.For Milestone 1, will take from 3 weeks to 1 month the integration, 6 notifications per transaction:
1_ New order/Started order
2_ New message
3_ Mark job as done.
4_ Status order change (job complete, ready to review & Release payment).
5_ Job reviewed by the buyer if all ok “Payment released”.
6_ Status order complete.

*This is without reputation module integrated (add review for the seller as for the buyer)

That’s for one transaction between buyer and seller in case there is no dispute. At 50 users we should have a ROI of notifications of 300 per week. Reaching at week 4 100 users, for 600 notif.

As for a claim scenario:

1_ New order/Started order
2_ New message
3_ Mark job as done.
4_ Status order change (job complete, ready to review & Release payment).
5_ Job reviewed. by the buyer but the job didn’t met buyer expectations and they cant reach to an agreement on the chat then buyer “Starts Claim”.
6_ Status order challenged.
7_Buyer presented evidence for the claim
8_Seller presented evidence for the claim
9_ Claim solved.

If rules in favor for the buyer then the payment on the escrow returns to the buyer else returns to the seller.
10_Order status complete.

In this scenario at 50 users we should have a ROI of notifications of 500 per week. Reaching at week 4 100 users, for 1000 notif.

So determine now how many its not possible, we can calculate that a n % of all the transactions will end up on a claim after it happens.
Month 1: Integration Dev
Month 2: Traction.

Milestone 1: 100 users, 600Notif, $10K ( $PUSH 40253.3)

2.The day before yesterday our devs fixed the security bug, now we will be implementing a last feature, more testing and go live end of february/start of march (if testing goes as expected).

  1. Our plan to acquire users and get traction consists in an elaborate marketing plan to raise awareness of the project. This will consist of several ways to increase visibility and grow usage of the platform, such as through paid campaigns like Search Engine Marketing and Display Ads, collaborating with influential content creators and bloggers, promoting the product on social networks, implementing referral and affiliate programs, and hosting offline events such as meetups and workshops to build community and introduce new features to attendees.

The marketing plan will feature a timeframe of 4 weeks, which will consist of conveying the message about the project and building hype around it. This will be accopmlished through live demos, Q&A sessions, and Twitter Spaces over the first 2 weeks. The following weeks will focus on having a strong presence throughout all social media platforms. Once we receive funding from investors and grants, we plan on further expanding our marketing push through collaborations with influencers and KOLs.

All in all, we want to ensure that there is no possibility of failure by simplifying the setup process so that it is easy for anyone to follow and execute. Let me know if you would like to see the latest version of the marketing plan.

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Thanks @nachobr.eth again for taking the time to detail the answer.
We’ll get back with you soon with outcomes.

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