Hey! Mahak this side

Hey Everyone!! Mahak this side.I am from Indore.I am a full stack developer currently learning blockchain development.I have a keen interest in web3 .love to be a part of web3 events.I have worked mostly in community management, content creation and marketing.Its been 8 months when I started in web3 through a good friend and the journey is far more than incredible.

Its been two months joining as a ambassador with push protocol and the journey is far more than what is expected.I have seen growth in my web3 journey .All the members in the group is helpful and is always ready to help us whenever we need .Also the tasks is here is open you can work on your interests that’s exciting.

Looking forward to contribute to the web3 space and the push DAO.Lets connect and grow each other !!


Just exciting to see your accelerated path in web3, and how nice that you have found in Push DAO your way to contribute.

With your skills you will help us make our plans a reality.
Welcome to the forum @mahak231 :purple_heart:

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Welcome, @mahak231! Feel free to get in touch to review some technical topics.

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