Hey - I’m Suraj Kumar Sharma

I have extensive experience in the web3 and blockchain space, having served as a Developer Advocate at Avocado Wallet by Instadapp. Additionally I am proud to be an Ambassador for Push Protocol, where I was selected as one of the Top 30 ambassadors in India. My involvement in the web3 community spans several notable organizations, including CoinDCX, 5ireChain, QuillAudits, RiseIn and Blockchain India, among others.

I have organized numerous events both in my city and beyond, sharing my knowledge and passion for web3 technologies. Over the past three years, I have conducted web bootcamps and learning sessions at various institutions, teaching more than 5000 students. This has been a significant achievement for me as it has allowed me to add substantial value to many aspiring developers and enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of my career was being invited to the Indian Institute of Information Technology, one of India’s top institutions, as a mentor and judge for their hackathon, Hackofiesta. The hackathon focused on web3 technologies, and I conducted sessions on blockchain terminologies and related topics.

Furthermore, I have worked closely with startups like Blockmagix and Reformo, contributing to their growth and success. My diverse experiences in organizing events, mentoring and collaborating with various web3 communities and startups have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain ecosystem and a strong network within the industry.


Nice to meet you friend!

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Hey @surajsharma14, welcome to the Push DAO forum, It’s great to see more ambassadors on the forum. We will announce our new onboarding program soon, so stay tuned to the forum for more information!

In the meantime, check out our Business Development SubDAO, since you are involved in so many communities. And also feel free to add a profile pic to your profile for more visibility.

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Surely ! @SixtyKeys

Going to have a look Business Development SubDAO

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