Introduction to the Business Development SubDAO

What is the BD SubDAO?

Push Protocol is the communication layer of web3, enabling cross-chain communications between different wallet addresses, smart contracts, and dApps. Push Protocol makes this possible through decentralized products such as Notifications, Chat, Spaces, and more.

The BD SubDAO aims to motivate and incentivize contributors to engage in business development activities for Push Protocol. This means getting different web3 projects to integrate one or more of Push Protocol’s products.

How does the BD SubDAO work?

The BD SubDAO incentivizes contributors to get other projects to collaborate with Push. A collaboration is successful when a contributor gets a project to complete these two steps:

  1. Implementation: this is when the project integrates one of Push products such as Push Notifications, Push Chat, or Push Spaces.
  2. Announcement: this is when the project officially announces the integration on Twitter or other social media channels.

What are the rewards for participating in the BD SubDAO?

Contributors will receive rewards for their BD efforts, resulting in a successful collaboration between Push and another project. The rewards vary according to the project tier as defined below:

Note: Push Ambassadors will receive a 1.2x multiplier to the base rewards.

How can you participate in the BD SubDAO?

Anyone can participate in the BD SubDAO! To participate in the BD SubDAO, interested contributors should first learn how to apply for the BD SubDAO Program.

Once you complete the tutorial, you can submit an application to participate in the BD SubDAO. The application will provide details about the project you are proposing to collaborate with. Once the application is approved, the contributor can commence BD activities with the proposed project.

Note: Applications for the BD SubDAO are currently open and close on 31st August, 2024.

How can you learn more about the BD SubDAO and BD in general?

BD SubDAO Charmverse Page

The BD SubDAO Charmverse Page is the central location where you can find all information and critical updates concerning the BD SubDAO Program. It is constantly up-to-date.

Push DAO Weekly Governance Call

You can join our weekly Governance Calls to learn more about the BD SubDAO and how you can participate.

BD SubDAO Weekly Sync

You can join our weekly coordination calls to learn more about the BD SubDAO, get updates and talk directly with the BD SubDAO Working Group.

  • Days: Wednesdays
  • Time: 16:00 UTC
  • Venue: Google Meet

If you are really eager to kickstart your journey with the BD SubDAO, you can start by checking out these resources right away:

Who should you reach out to for further assistance?

If you still need more information or clarity about the BD SubDAO, you can reach out to any of the following persons:


Thank you for the detailed information about the BD SubDAO. This initiative seems like a fantastic opportunity to drive growth and engagement for Push Protocol. I have a few thoughts and questions:

  1. Clarification on Rewards : Could we get more details on the reward tiers and what differentiates each level? Understanding this better could help participants aim for higher-tier collaborations.

  2. Support for New Contributors: It might be helpful to implement a mentorship program where experienced contributors guide newcomers. This could enhance the success rate of new participants.

  3. Feedback Mechanism: Is there a plan to establish a feedback mechanism for contributors? This could help in continuously improving the BD SubDAO program based on participant experiences.

Btw This program has great potential to expand Push Protocol’s reach and impact in the Web3 space.


thank you for your interest in the BD SubDAO @nikhil. to address your questions/comments -

there are four rewards tiers. what differentiates each level is the size of the project that a participant is seeking a collaboration with. we use metrics such as social media following and community size to determine the size of a project. a complete breakdown is in the image above.

yes, and this is a great idea. we plan on holding regular onboarding calls and workshops aimed at providing guidance to BD newcomers. in fact, we’re hosting a workshop on twitter spaces with @skywalker from the Push BD Team this friday. follow the Push DAO twitter account to stay updated

as this is the first iteration of the BD SubDAO program we will be relying heavily on community feedback to improve future iterations of the program.

we’re happy to entertain any more questions you might have


Hey there!

Thank you for sharing the details about the BD SubDAO. It sounds like a fantastic initiative to drive growth and engagement for Push Protocol. I do have a few questions and suggestions:

  1. Onboarding Process: Can we get more information on the onboarding process for new contributors? Having a clear understanding of this would help new participants get started more efficiently.

  2. Resource Allocation: How are resources allocated to different projects within the BD SubDAO? Knowing this could help contributors plan their projects better.

  3. Collaboration Tools: Are there specific tools or platforms recommended for collaboration within the BD SubDAO? Streamlining communication and project management could enhance productivity.

Overall, this program holds great potential to significantly expand Push Protocol’s reach and impact in the Web3 space.

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Hey @HimanshuKumarSahu,

  1. You can learn more about how to onboard to the BD SubDAO here. We do advise you join our weekly governance call on Discord first though if you have more questions.

  2. Resources are allocated based on the size of the project (at this time we are using the size of their social media following).

  3. As of now we are using Charmverse, but we do have a Telegram group for contributors of the SubDAO.