PGIP-09: Push Business Development SubDAO [PASSED]

Authors: @MrJaf @ChristianDike @SixtyKeys
Co-Authors: @Rene @incakolitazero


The BD SubDAO aims to motivate and incentivize the Push Community and Push contributors to actively engage in business development activities for Push Protocol by offering rewards that vary according to the project size. The classification of project size will depend on the number of X (formerly Twitter) followers and the level of Discord activity.

The initial iteration of the SubDAO will primarily be overseen and managed by the BD SubDAO working group, with a member of the Push Team serving in an advisory role. As with our other initiatives, the long-term vision is to gradually decentralize this program and more business development activities to transfer complete ownership to the community via the DAO.

The operations of the SubDAO will continue to be refined and adjusted over time to integrate all lessons learned into the program’s best practices.


Push is the Communication Protocol of Web3, and to ensure the protocol’s continual growth, we need to onboard more users to the platform. The BD SubDAO will leverage a global community of contributors to spread awareness and encourage the adoption of Push Products.

The SubDAO also furthers the Push mission to become a community-governed, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) by promoting ecosystem growth and shaping the future of Push Protocol. Through progressive decentralization, the SubDAO will allow community members to participate in the growth of the protocol while gaining new skills, building professional networks, and growing their ownership of the Protocol. Push Protocol will also benefit from increased awareness and adoption of Push products in other communities and DAOs.


What defines a Collaboration?

A collaboration is defined as a successful partnership between Push and another project, as facilitated by a DAO contributor. For the BD SubDAO it will consist of two main steps:

  • Implementation: A successful integration of one of the Push Products by the partner project. This could be Push Notifications, Push Chat, or Push Spaces.

  • Announcement: An official announcement on their Twitter and other social channels. This should ideally include an article by the partner project highlighting Push technology and why they have chosen to integrate with us.

  • The BD SubDAO will vet all collaborations. The SubDAO Lead should confirm approval of all potential collaborations before contributors can begin collaboration on behalf of the DAO.

Collaboration Tiers

Contributors will be rewarded based on collaborative efforts with any of the different project tiers as defined below:

Reward Phases

Business development consists of various phases/stages. The BD SubDAO will be rewarding contributors in two phases, which will serve as milestones for rewarding business development efforts. This means that when a contributor completes a particular phase, upon verification by the BD SubDAO working group, they will be eligible to receive rewards for that specific phase.

A phase is considered complete when the contributor can provide proof of completion, which will be submitted to a BD SubDAO database. A portion of the rewards for each collaboration tier is unlocked for contributors as they complete each BD phase.

The rewards for each collaboration tier and the unlock schedule are broken down below:

Rules and Guidelines

  • Push Ambassadors are eligible for a 1.2x multiplier on top of their rewards for completing both phases.

  • Participants in the Program can leverage the established Push Infrastructure to contribute to the program’s success:

    • Push Grants Program: projects can apply to micro and rapid grants for the implementation portion.
    • Demo Thursdays: invite projects to join our weekly session to showcase what they are building.
    • Ambassadors chapters: get help from the fantastic Push Ambassadors to get your message to more places!
  • To streamline the definition of a successful implementation, the following rules must be fulfilled for any of the integration types (Chat, Notifications, Spaces):

    • A chat (preferably telegram) must be created with both teams: Push and the Project that will be implementing Push Protocol.
    • For notifications: The Push Team will verify and validate that a channel is created and will observe the growth of subscribers and notifications so that they look organic.
    • For chat: upon the successful implementation Push team can observe how many chats have been initiated from a project. Same as for notifications, organic growth is expected.
  • An announcement will only be rewarded once implementation is complete to ensure that incentives are aligned between Push DAO and contributors. This means you can unlock the reward for a successful announcement but can only be rewarded once the implementation is complete.

  • At the end of each month, reward distribution will be done for all contributors. All rewards will be distributed in PUSH tokens, the methodology for reward distribution will be determined by the Push DAO Governance Lead depending on fluctuations of the PUSH token price.

Working Group

The BD SubDAO Working Group will coordinate the activities of the BD subDAO and ensure that the program runs smoothly. They will also be the primary point of contact for DAO contributors engaging in Business Development activities.


  1. Working Group Lead - @SixtyKeys
  2. Working Group Co-Lead - @christiandike
  3. Español Community Liaison - @Rene
  4. Push Foundation Liason - @EC3

BD SubDAO WG Authorities and Responsibilities

  • Onboard contributors into the BD subDAO by providing support and resources.
  • Review and approve potential collaborations.
  • Coordinate outreach efforts and track and manage engagements.
  • Validate contributions by ensuring that contributors to the BD subDAO have completed the relevant BD phases as a condition precedent for unlocking rewards.
  • Assist with the technical aspects of the integration of Push products.
  • Facilitate the creation of marketing materials for collaborations.
  • Hosting public ceremonies and designating office hours for providing support and attending to inquiries.
  • Encourage and increase participation in the BD subDAO program. Generate marketing content and campaigns to attract more contributors to take part in the program.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of projects that are in existing partnership or collaboration with Push Protocol. This database should continuously be updated with new collaborations and publicly accessible to contributors.
  • Publish a monthly report highlighting the primary KPI of the number of collaborations achieved and the progress of the different collaborations. The third report (quarterly report) will highlight the successes and shortcomings of the program, as well as improvements to be made.


How to approach projects

For community members who are new to Business Development, the following phases can assist you in planning out and documenting your efforts and ensure your collaboration is a success.
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 21.21.04

Additional Resources:


The initial iteration of the BD SubDAO will run for a single Push DAO season (3 months). The goal of the first season will be to complete 31 collaborations and reach a minimum audience of 1,520,000 followers across all successful partnerships.

Push Protocol currently has a following of ~ 127,000 followers, so the program will bring awareness and exposure to Push Protocol and its products to ~12x the current Push audience, in addition to 31 potential new integrations.

The BD SubDAO working group requests a budget of $40,000 in PUSH Tokens (~ 174,000 PUSH as of April 23rd, 2024) to be used over the next 3 months to complete this vision.

This amount will be transferred to a 3/4 multi-sig consisting of the working group members and the Push Foundation Liason before the program commences.


FOR: Establish and fund a Business Development SubDAO for 1 Push Season (3 months).

AGAINST: Do not establish and fund a Business Development SubDAO.


After multiple discussion stages (here & here), and having received positive support from the community, this proposal is ready to move to the next stage.

@EC3 I am requesting you move this proposal to the formal voting stage on the Push Snapshot Space.


In progress now, 4:19PM EST April 23.

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This plan looks solid. The way @SixtyKeys laid out how things will work, with the Working Group and clear rules, makes it easy to understand and keeps everyone on track. Great work TEAM!!


ICYMI the vote for the BD subDAO is currently live on snapshot. kindly vote and spread word :bell:


Hey @EC3, seeing as the first version of this vote did not PASS due to not meeting the requirements for a quorum. I am requesting a second submission of this vote on the Push Snapshot.

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This proposal has passed the Snapshot vote with 1,431,248 PUSH voting FOR. :zap: :bell: