PUSH Weekly Governance Call Recap Thread

Governance Call - 29th May 2024

Thanks for joining this week’s governance call, Push Fam :bell: :purple_heart:

Here’s a quick TL;DR of what was discussed in this week’s governance call.


  • Special guest - Kara Howard from Si3
  • DAO Council updates
  • Push DAO program updates (Grants + BD)
  • Forum Highlights
  • Push Channel of the Week
  • Community highlights + events

Special guest - Kara Howard from Si3

  • We met with Kara @karakrysthal who is a member of the Si3 collective. Si3 is a global collective of women and non-binary web3 founders, executives, developers, creatives and community leaders. Si3 will be submitting a grant proposal to Push DAO for a Push Chat integration into their website and the web3 website templates they offer their members.
  • Kara also has a background in marketing and she shared several ideas to the community on marketing and growth initiatives that we can leverage to attract more contributors, grow our user base and foster partnerships.

DAO Council Updates

  • Our DAO Lead @EC3 represented Push Protocol and Push DAO at Consensus 2024 all week. He was on several panels, putting Push Protocol in the spotlight and engaging with potential partners and collaborators. We will be providing more updates (and media) about all his activities in the following days. Thanks for the hard work @EC3!
  • New changes have been made to the Push Ambassador programs. All Ambassador Hubs will now be working with a unified set of KPIs and OKRs which will provide clear guidelines and set clear expectations from Push Ambassadors. This will ensure growth, transparency, and help us measure the performance of our Ambassador Hubs.
  • The DAO Council provided updates on their KPIs for May 2024 - they hit most of their milestones and aim to do more in June with the launch of the Grants and BD subDAOs.

Push DAO Program Updates

  • Push Grants Program v3 and the BD SubDAO are finally set to launch next week on June 3rd. We’re calling on participation from all community members.
  • The Grants program will be primarily led by @Rene and @Sixtykeys with support from @EC3. The Grants process will be made swift and seamless for grantees.
  • Similarly, there will be multiple phases to help the community participate in the BD SubDAO, such as onboarding, application, approval, support, etc.

Forum Highlights

Stay up to date with the following key posts on the Push Forum:

Push Channel of the Week (PCOW)

  • The PCOW highlights a highly active and consistent channel each week, to bring them more visibility to users.
  • The PCOW for this week is PWN, a peer-to-peer lending protocol providing liquidity avenues, composability options, leverage opportunities, and efficient lending structures to users.
  • The PWN channel provides regular Push Notifications to users of PWN about loan updates directly in their wallets. Opt-in to the PWN Channel and never miss a loan due date.

Community Highlights + Events

See you in next week’s Governance Call :bell: :purple_heart: