Hey I'm Tushar Pamnani

Hello, I am Tushar Pamnani, a pre-final year student at SRCOEM, Nagpur (India). I have a unique blend of both technical and non-technical skills, making me a versatile personality.

Technical Expertise:

  • Full-Stack Blockchain Developer: Over two years of experience in web2 and around two years in web3 development.
  • Blockchain Platforms: Extensive experience with Ethereum, Solana, and Berachain.
  • Current Technologies: Actively developing with React Native and Rust.

Non-Technical Expertise:

  • Event Management: Four years of experience, managing events from small 50-person meetups to large 3000-person festivals. Involved in defining, ideating, marketing, and executing events.
  • Community Building and Management: My love for this is evident through active participation and leadership roles in multiple communities.


  • Technical Writing: Published 15-20 technical blogs on Hashnode, covering topics such as Web Development and Blockchain Development.
  • Community Leadership: Currently a PR co-lead at The CodeBreakers Club, a tech club at our college, and ML Nagpur, a student-run community focused on educating students about Machine Learning.

Current Roles:

  • Ambassador at Push Protocol
  • Advocate for CentralDAO
  • Captain at the Capx Collective
  • Active contributor to various DAOs, including VidharbhaDAO.


I aim to make my city a hotspot for Web3, at least in Central India, by promoting innovation, collaboration, and education in the blockchain space.

Let’s connect and drive the mission of mass adoption of Web3.


awesome @tusharpamnani - welcome to Push DAO :purple_heart::bell::rocket:


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