Hi Everyone, I’m Photogee

Gm everyone, I’m Photogee, a content creator, content writer, video editor and also a graphics designer. I am a passionate web3 enthusiast that’s always willing to learn through ways and means :sweat_smile:. I am passionate about things that interest me and also my hobby.
I have quite a number of experience in all the fields I listed above and also worked with a few number of DAOs also. I have also showed my skills and expertise in these DAOs which has brought me great experience in various activities of the web3 space. In my experience with DAOs I worked with, I have made great graphics designs, edited videos (educational/meeting) and also I have been a facilitator for various meetings.
My passion to dig deeper and get better as the day goes by has made me try out the Push Protocol and I am so confident that I am in the right place.
I’d like to give my all to the progress of this and everyone on the ecosystem. Thank you for this little opportunity :pray:t6:


Nice to meet you @Photogee, Looking forward to working with you.

welcome to Push DAO @Photogee

Happy to have you here @Photogee. Please stay tuned for our onboarding call, which we will announce soon. Can’t wait to see your first contributions to Push DAO.