PGP Proposal: DZap + EPNS

1. Project Name: DZap

2. Email:

3. About You:

Shivam Chopra (Co-Founder): Blockchain developer since 2017, co-Founder @propelxyz Android developer since 2013, previously @gojektech @newscorp @AndroidStarters

Akansha Jain (COO): Managing @propelxyz. Also, an analyst and content writer.

  • Email:
  • Twitter: Akanshajain05
  • LinkedIn: akansha-jain-734226154

Rajat Seth (CMO) - 4+ years of WorkEx in Media Industry (Hindustan Times & DishTV) in Content & Social Media Domain.

  • Email -
  • LinkedIn - rajatseth03
  • Twitter - Sudpines

4. Project TL:DR: With DZap one can Buy, Sell, or Send multiple tokens & NFTs in a single transaction. Basically, our goal is to unify multiple step process into one. In future, we are set to release Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and other features as well.

  1. Proposal Category

    • Defi
    • NFT
    • DEX
  2. Project Overview:

    Parts that are complete:

    1. Batch Buy: Batch Buy feature enables users to purchase many tokens in a single transaction. In other words, you can buy all the tokens you need at once without having to buy them one at a time. Through Batch Buy, you can “Convert one token to multiple tokens” i.e #onetomany.
    2. Batch Sell: Batch Sell feature enables users to sell one than one token in a single transaction. In other words, you can sell any number of tokens at once without having to swap one at a time. Through Batch Sell, you can “Convert multiple token to one token”
      i.e #manytoone.
    3. Batch Send: Batch Send feature allows user to send multiple tokens to an address in a single transaction.

    Under Development:

    1. Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA): DCA is a long-term strategy, where an investor regularly buys smaller amounts of an asset over a period of time, no matter the price (for example, investing $100 in Bitcoin every month for a year, instead of $1,200 at once). DZap is building a Decentralised DCA approach so that user can start investing without any KYC process. We would introduce LP token and crypto basket to DCA as well.
    2. Multi-to-multi: Through this feature, user will be able to Buy/sell multiple token into other multiple tokens.
    3. NFT Aggregator: Buy/Sell/Send feature for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Budget & Allocation:

  1. Value Proposition to EPNS: EPNS is a Notification Protocol which enables users (wallet addresses) to receive notifications. Since, DZap is a B2C project and deals with token/NFT trading and investing, EPNS would be a central notification layer of DZap. We tend to following push notifications:

    1. Feature & other updates will be notified through EPNS.
    2. $PUSH will be set as a default token in our ‘Token List”
    3. Notification about user’s DCA position will be pushed through EPNS.

    EPNS community members would be given priority updates about new features going live on DZap. We will also be posting on our social channels about EPNS to spread awareness about the protocol.

8. Funding Requested: $10K in $PUSH.

9. Milestones:

**Phase 1 (Completed)**

- Ideation and team building.
- UX/UI prototypes.
- MVP of the website with “Batch Buy” & “Batch Sell” feature of tokens.
- Aggregation of various DEX for liquidity.
- Integration of different Blockchain & wallet options.
- Auditing of smart contracts & Quality Assessment of the entire product.
- Release of Beta version with commission fees at 0% i.e FREE.
- Applying for grants and funds.

Phase 2 (WIP). Timeline for completion: Q4 2022

  • Release “Batch Send” feature of tokens.
  • Release V1 of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
  • Integration of dashboard with features like “User profile, notification, and transaction history”.
  • Release Batch Selling/Buying/Sending feature of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  • Aggregation of various marketplaces.
  • Second phase of auditing & quality test.
  • Prototyping “Convert Multiple tokens into other multiple tokens”

Phase 3 (WIP): Timeline for completion: Q1 2023

  • Introduction of “Crypto Basket”.
  • Improvisation of features according to user feedbacks & feature requests.
  • MVP for “Cross-chain staking”
  • Third phase of auditing and quality test.

10. Wallet Address: 0x49D4fd776acdB1D26C274E495857bC090099a295

11. Relevant Links & Attachments:

[Website]( | [Linktree](

12. Referral: Ashis Kumar Pradhan from EPNS.


A solid project ! Dzap is creating real functionality and flexibility in blockchain. I really like the fact that this is a project useful for both newbies and seasoned investors. For a lot of first-time investors and enthusiasts, going through multiple transactions can be a very daunting. The multi-sell/buy commands are going to be game changers. Also like the fact that their focus is on the product build and their Beta is already live. Gives faith in the project that they can deliver.

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DZap product is very simple to use and UX is very user friendly. Apart form this batch buy and sell are going to life savers for many users.

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Now buying and selling multiple tokens is not annoying anymore… Try it guys … i saved a lot of transaction fee …Thanks Dzap

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Great Project that allows users to make multiple trades in 1 transaction.

I can now convert a stablecoin into 2 different coins and provide liquidity to pools very easily.

Also it is now very easy to sell multiple coins to buy one coin in a single transaction.

It saves time and gas fees - can see a bright future for this!

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Great idea. I like the utility of your project!
Got a few questions for your team:

For Phase 2:

  • Can you please elaborate more on the notifications you are implementing. Even for DCA’ing there could be multiple notifications that can be implemented for 1 single user with 1 single DCA operation.
  • What other cases aside from DCA are you thinking for notifications?

With BatchBuy and BatchSend - these are operations that users will expect to happen “immediately” (meaning not having to wait minutes for it to happen) as they behave like swapping or sending tokens from your wallet.

Whats your idea for notifications for these 2 features?

The selling part in my opinion is more naturally suited for Notifications as you can put something on Sale and not have to wait for a buyer - it can happen anytime and you just get a notification once “your item is sold”

Would be if you can elaborate more on the entire NFT capabilities of DZap.
Helping our community understand the functionalities will help put Notification opportunities into everyone’s minds.

Finally, a couple recommendations:

  • Add a detailed list of notifications opportunities per milestone/Phase
  • Add more supporting data:
    • Clarify at which stage is your project (Beta? Under Development?
    • Do you have users? How many? Or how many transactions are you observing?

We run Office hours 2x a week Mondays and Thursdays, and is a perfect place to ask/answer questions and get your proposal discussed and moving forward.

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Thanks for introducing a time saving machine, Finally my pray comes to reality, I was eagerly waiting for this kind of product where I can swap or sell multiple tokens in one go…
Dzap is more than what I was expecting…:heart:


Being a heavy trader, tried this product saves me a lot of time and gas fee


Hi Jaf! Thank you for your questions. Let us explain them one by one:

  1. For DCA specifically we can use notifications for the following:
  • To notify users about their ongoing DCA & also the user can decide the interval at which notification should pop.
  • Notify users about the completion of the ongoing DCA whilst give the option of continuing the same.
  • User can also create price notification:
    • buy/sell a tokens at certain price
    • he may want to start/stop the DCA at certain price
    • for NFTs, sweeping floor at a certain price
  1. In DZap, Batch buy/sell/send happens immediately like any other DEX. Here, we want to use EPNS to notify the users about the stats like: most swapped token, top 10 token, batch bought/sold, NFT floor sweeps, etc.

The selling part in my opinion is more naturally suited for Notifications as you can put something on Sale and not have to wait for a buyer - it can happen anytime and you just get a notification once “your item is sold”:

This is nice suggestion, but we are not maintaining order book. We are utilising DEX aggregators to complete the swaps. But we can also develop a feature that lets users decide decide at what price should the swaps be executed. And hence, notify them about the same.

  1. We are focussed to use the same notification patterns for both tokens/coins and NFTs (batch buy/sell/send & floor sweep of NFTs)

Our project is at Beta stage right now. Launched on August 2022, we have a few user count but we are focusing on spreading more awareness about the project.

You can follow our on-chain activity at this address: 0x26a2f34beeba555b83ad5d6de71ad6bbd2b68810 on Polygon, BSC & Ethereum.

It would be great if we can connect to discuss more in depth about the integration and other related developments.


How about joining office hours this coming thursday 4.30PM UTC (in our Discord #EPNSVoice)?
so we can talk and anyone can join and ask questions

Other than that - the more clear you can put the notifications to implement → the better!


Hi Jaf! Hope you are doing well. Just checking on any further developments regarding the grant and notification implementation. And, Team DZap would like to connect for queries related to EPNS integration on DZap.

Thank you.


Such a brilliant usecase. Would love to learn And understand more will take a look at your site.


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