Push Santa Rockstar NFT winner πŸŽ…

Last month we launched the Push Santa Contest, a competition to create the most innovative channel for notifications on Push :santa::bell:

We had some FANTASTIC submissions - thank you to everyone who participated!

With the competition completed, now its time to decide who will win the Push Rockstars NFT. Here are the candidates and their contributions:

  1. Peer Streams (@shxb7_)

    Created a sample channel for their dapp Peer Streams and plans to enable every streamer to have a channel of their own that users can receive notifications


  2. CryptoKraken (@SumithPrabhu1)

    Created a channel to provide notifications of major pumps and dumps in crypto market by whales


  3. Decentralize Twitter (@AdityaKaklij)

    Created a channel for their dapp wherein every time someone tweets from the dapp, the user will get a notification about the tweet details


  4. @Darshan_patil02

    Created a channel to retrieve Discord data in the form of a Push notification so users can be notified directly, without having to login to Discord first


  5. Track Events (https://twitter.com/Ishita_30)

    Created a channel to keep track of admin functions to identify any unusual or suspicious activities and take corrective action accordingly

    GitHub - ishitarastogi/admin-api

  6. Notify Me (https://twitter.com/smn_srv)

    Created a channel to notify users whenever there’s a transaction in their wallet. This allows users to stay informed and quickly identify any unauthorized activity in their wallets


  7. NotifyMe (@0xSiddesh)

    Alerts in the form of Push notifications are sent to users for on-chain activities like gas price changes, Eth price, NFT trade activity, etc.


  8. GRandom (@0xHashir)

    Made a channel to send a random Blockchain-based GitHub repository as a notification daily and spread awareness about the various projects that are building in web3


  9. Buy Me A Coffee (@jaybade11)

    Created a channel to notify creators and influencers when they receive crypto payments from their followers


Now… let’s pick the winner! :confetti_ball:

After an amazing response to the Push Santa Contest, it’s time to decide the winner of the Push Rockstars NFT. Please vote for your favorite submission below:

  • Peer Streams
  • CryptoKraken
  • Decentralize Twitter
  • Discord Data Retrieval
  • Track Events
  • Notify Me (srv-smn)
  • Notify Me (Siddesh)
  • GRandom
  • Buy Me A Coffee

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Please note: This poll will be running until Thursday Jan 12th 2023, at 11:59:59 UTC

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CryptoKraken wins the Push Santa Rockstar NFT - CONGRATULATIONS!

Winner have been contacted to follow the Rockstar NFT process.

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