Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT for Push Santa Contest πŸŽ…


To celebrate Christmas and the holidays, ATH projects build at ETHIndia, we are offering a special contest for web3 users who create a channel on Push Protocol.

Push will be giving away one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT and the corresponding prize of 900 $PUSH tokens as the prize for this event.


Push has too many reasons to celebrate the holidays after a wonderful year with our community.

This proposal looks to give away one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT together with its corresponding 900 $PUSH tokens to one winner only in the Push Santa Contest.

More details and instructions on how to participate can be found here.


Giving away this Rockstars NFT for the Push Santa Contest will increase participation of BUIDLers to create innovative solutions with Push Protocol. It will also serve for more developers to learn how easy it is to implement Push into their projects and create awareness about Push in many different communities they are part of.


The Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 Program will be shortened 1 week.


this is a nice contest for the community

This campaign will attract more developers to join the Push ecosystem. Push being a middleware communication layer, getting more devs to integrate it is crucial.

This campaign is really good for community onboarding.Developers, get ready to get some NFT in the bag :+1:
Big Ups guys !!

This is a great contest to celebrate holidays with Push.
Keep up the good work!

Great platform for Dev community, I’m in favour of this.

This contest is nice :+1: In favour of this

in support of this. how generous of the team.

I support this proposal. It’s a great way to get the community together during the holiday season

This proposal has met the requirements to be fast-tracked according to PIP-08, and has been promoted to snapshot for voting for a period of 3 days.

Snapshot Proposal URL:
PGIP-03: Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT for Push Santa Contest :santa:

Voting starts: 12/16/2022 at 1:00 AM UTC
Voting Ends: 12/19/2022 at 1:00 AM UTC

The Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT for Push Santa proposal has been successfully approved


Yes | 3.8M PUSH | 100%

No | 0 | PUSH0%