Push Protocol to join Serotonin’s Christmas contest with a Rockstars of Push NFT


Push Protocol will participate in Serotonin’s Christmas contest giving away one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT and the corresponding prize of 900 $PUSH tokens to take part in their Christmas campaign with their community and ecosystem.


Serotonin is the world’s leading professional services firm for web3, offering marketing services and product advisory for top blockchain projects. Learn more about Serotonin here.

Serotonin have played a critical advisory role and have been instrumental in connecting Push Protocol (previously EPNS) with opportunities.

This proposal looks to give away one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT together with its corresponding 900 $PUSH tokens to Serotonin to participate in their special Christmas event.


By giving away this Rockstars NFT to Serotonin, Push Protocol will be a supporter of their Christmas campaign together with many other important projects and their respective communities; helping create more brand awareness about Push Protocol within all these other communities.


The Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 Program will be shortened 1 week.


This proposal aims to strengthen our relationship and brand awareness with Serotonin and other projects and communities under their portfolio participating in this campaign.


Christmas Just came early With Push!
This one looks like a No Brainer Proposal.
Kudos to the Team.

PUSH should participate in Serotonin’s Christmas contest.

LFG Push Team in the contest

I support this proposal

Looks like a great proposal. Let’s keep PUSHing for Christmas! :rocket:

Amazing - Sounds good

Partnering with projects to giveaway Rockstar definitely gives more visibility for Push in their respective communities. Totally in favor of this proposal :raised_hands:

Excited for this, I’m in support of this proposal.

Christmas is officially here at Push Protocol!

I support this proposal to keep the holiday spirit up in the community.

This proposal has met the requirements to be fast-tracked according to PIP-08, and has been promoted to snapshot for voting for a period of 3 days.

Snapshot Proposal URL:
PGIP-02: Push Protocol to join Serotonin’s Christmas contest with a Rockstars of Push NFT

Voting starts: 12/12/2022 at 09:41 PM UTC
Voting Ends: 12/15/2022 at 09:41 PM UTC