Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT to participate in LearnWeb3DAO’s 100daysOfCode challenge


Push Protocol is committed to supporting and empowering developers and helping them advance their careers and knowledge in the web3. With this in mind we are looking to giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT along with 900 $PUSH tokens to one lucky winner of the 100daysOfCode challenge from LearnWeb3DAO. You can find more information here.


We are giving away of one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT and 900 $PUSH tokens, to one lucky winner of LearnWeb3DAO’s 100daysOfCode challenge. To compete and participate in this weeks ROCKSTAR, developers must join the Push workshop with Learnweb3DAO and complete the 100daysOfCode challenge and implement Push Protocol in their projects.

Through this giveaway, we hope to motivate more developers to create innovative solutions using Push Protocol, increase their knowledge about the protocol, and become part of the Push community.

More details and instructions on how to participate can be found here.


Giving away this Rockstars NFT for LearnWeb3DAO’s 100daysOfCode challenge will increase participation of BUIDLers to create innovative solutions with Push Protocol. It will also serve for more developers to learn how easy it is to implement Push into their projects and create awareness about Push in many different communities they are part of.


The Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 Program will be shortened 1 week.


Push Protocol’s Developer initiatives is one of the best things I see in the space!!

This will help onboard more BUIDLers to the Push Ecosystem. In favor of this proposal.

We will get more people coming into the PUSH by this proposal, Totally supports it :100:

I support this proposal because it gives back to the dev community with incentives and PUSH support!

i support this proposal

It will encourage builders to build cool stuff using Push Protocol. I support it!

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PGIP-04: Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT to participate in LearnWeb3DAO’s 100daysOfCode challenge

Voting starts: 01/20/2023 at 02:15 PM UTC
Voting Ends: 01/23/2023 at 02:15 PM UTC

This proposal has been approved.

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