Giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT to celebrate ShapeShift channel 10k+ opt-ins!


Push Protocol is is looking to giveaway one Rockstars of Push NFT along with 900 $PUSH tokens to celebrate with our frens from ShapeShift on their big milestone after achieving more than 10,000 users opt-ins!


We are giving away of one Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 NFT and 900 $PUSH tokens to celebrate together with ShapeShift community on the big success of their channel with Push Protocol.

Through this giveaway we will strengthen relationships with strategic partners and participate in events and activities that will give high visibility to Push, and motivate more web3 citizens to become part of the Push community.


Giving away this Rockstars NFT to join forces with ShapeShift will increase visibility and brand awareness for Push in front of a big important community like ShapeShift. It will also serve for more ShapeShift users to learn how easy it is to start receiving communication into their hands with Push.


The Rockstars of Push vol 2.0 Program will be shortened 1 week.


I agree !!! ShapeShift is a true rockstar of Push

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i like it, this would be amazing!

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I like the idea and we must do it!!!

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Looks good! We should go for it!


Sounds great! Totally agree, this will increase brand awareness for Push.

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Love Rockstars
Love Shapeshift
In favor of this one

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Totally agree!! ShapeShift it’s an great partner, like a Rockstar.

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indeed. this is a good one

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I agree!! We should do it!

Hey how cool is this!
Both the project and the ShapeShift community are already Rockstars!

I support this! ShapeShift has achieved a significant milestone, and it should be celebrated!

This proposal has been approved with 100% votes in favor