$ROCKSTAR Submissions [Generic]

Our NFT collection $ROCKSTARS of EPNS is a series of 100 illustrations by commissioned Indian :india: artists. 48 of the 100 NFTs are gifted to a set of early advisors, supporters, and evangelists of the EPNS protocol who helped us reach so many milestones over the past year. The remaining 52 NFTs are distributed 1x/week to community members who continue to help us on our mission to bring push notifications to Web3! Along with each NFT, recipients will receive 2,400 $PUSH!

For more information about rules and submissions, refer to the article here

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Hey, hope you are doing well. Kindly let me know if this is the right platform to make my submission.

Hey, I’m good. Hope you are doing great too.

Regarding the ROCKSTAR contest, the submission has to be done on Twitter following the rules (refer to the article here).

To get more visibility for your submission, you can post them here along with their tweet submissions URLs.

Hello everyone
Please check out my work here


Found this one recently

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Dear Team,
I want to let you all know that you all are doing a killer work.
I love the fact that I was fortunate enough to be aware about this project and was part of the community from the very early stages itself. This work of mine is a nail art which depicts the EPNS Logo along with Ether logo. It took me a month and several bruised fingers to get this done for us. Would be honoured if you guys would let me know if there is anyway in which I can courier it to you good people at EPNS.
P.S: Will be posting the making video soon on insta. :blush:

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Hey Guys, plz support me

Here is my contribution and I am trying my best to give practical demonstration on EPNS push notifications, currently on testnet

Last but not least

Guys please have a look at my submission

Hi Team,

Created few memes on “squid game” theme. Please support.

Not even nominated :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: … Had good twitter impression and reach…

Hello everyone, this is my submission. Hope you guys like it.

Hello everyone, I made EPNS logo mosiac with 300 rubiks cubes. Please check my work here


Hey guys, This is Himanshu

I have been creating EPNS creative work from last months and educating the crypto community regarding the EPNS

Guys, support me if you really like my art

Hey guys, I have portrayed EPNS and it’s logo through latte art. The reason behind doing this is very soon the web3 notifications are going to be the new normal just like the unavoidable coffee.
Please check out my work https://twitter.com/crytpo_rocker/status/1459881204790874113?s=20


That’s really cool looking. Great work!

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I had no idea anyone could do latte art like that. :slight_smile: very cool!

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I love your illustrations. If you’re ever looking for work branding other projects, feel free to DM me at defi_dad on Telegram or Twitter. @harshrajat @Richa you should get in touch with this person. Maybe a potential designer to bring onboard? :slight_smile: