Loty x Push - NFT loyalty program platform for brands

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Nicolas Blanco

  1. Mechatronics engineer with experience working in Mexico and Germany. Currently working as a consultant at Mastercard and head of Young Professionals Crypto for the Mexico City office. Experience in the web3 space for over 2 years, starting as an investor in Axie Infinity.

The role at Loty focuses on the design and technicalities of the loyalty programs (experience working with airlines and banks on loyalty at MasterCard).

  • Twitter: nicoblanco12

Carlos Van Kurczyn

He has been around web3 since 2020, mainly through the P2E game Axie Infinity where with two friends he co-founded “Mexican Chile” an academy that gave scholarships to 300+ players at its peak.

Early investor in different tokens, $LOOKS, $X2Y2, $AXS, and many others.

Experience with almost every platform in web3, Moby, Gem, Genie, nftgo io, Nansen, Flip Finance, Dune, blur, Icy Tools, etc.

Crypto and NFT advisor for companies, regarding best practices.

  • Twitter: xenonnel
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At Loty we are building NFT-based loyalty programs for brands in Mexico and LATAM. We want to bring ownership of loyalty programs to the people, by allowing them to buy, sell and rent them. All in one web2- & web3- friendly app

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  • NFT
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Today’s loyalty programs require customers to spend a lot of time and money before they see benefits that are not even personalized. We want to create a new way for people to interact with brands, making the onboarding process easy and accessible to anyone. Using Loty, people will be able to buy any loyalty program and use it for as long as they want, entering a gamified experience that will increase engagement and, at the same time, the level of their NFT and the value of their program

There are also some technological drawbacks to current loyalty programs. For example, some programs may require customers to carry a physical loyalty card or remember to provide their loyalty number at the time of purchase to earn rewards. Using Loty, customers can prove in-real-life ownership of the loyalty program with a QR code in their app and redeem instant rewards.

By allowing customers to sell their loyalty programs, we create a market that did not exist until today and where brands and customers can benefit. The customer can make money by selling the loyalty program (NFT), and the brand will receive a royalty percentage for every transaction. The most loyal customers will be able to put up their program for rent during the time they choose.

What has been done so far:

App for the brand users, where the brand can decide which NFT collections will be eligible for validation with the QR scanner. They can then scan the QR code of the customer and grant access to benefits.

App for the customers, where they can log in using an email or a wallet (if they choose to enter with an email, a wallet is automatically created for them (web3auth)). The customer can scan a QR code provided by any brand and mint their NFT: gasless, fast and easy, like a POAP. They can also visualize all the NFTs they own and pull up the QR code for the brand to scan.

Loty Genesis collection, NFT collection for early adopters of the project. Owning this NFT will grant you access to all the benefits of any brand that collaborates with Loty. 130 have been sold so far.

What needs to be done:

The app is the first MVP but there are many things to be done still: The curated marketplace for buying, selling, and renting, insights on customers’ behavior for the brands, personalized offers sent from the brand to specific customers (using push), insights for the customers on all the rewards they have received. All these tasks are planned to be done by our developers’ team during the next 5 months. This is the most expensive task since we have to pay salaries of 3 developers.

3 brands have been signed so far but we are actively working on getting more brands to start using our product. Both founders are looking for partnerships and collaborations with different brands

  1. Value Proposition to Push Protocol

Loty wants to use Push Protocol so that the brands can send personalized notifications to specific customers to incentivize them to certain behaviors. Brands can visualize who their most loyal customers are and what type of behavior they have, and based on that send them notifications inviting them to special events, limited offers, etc.

Loty will go live with approximately 400 NFTs of three different brands. We want to increase this number to at least 2,000 NFTs by the time we have developed the rest of the technical milestones. If we assume that half of the people will be actively engaged with the brand, and that the brand sends a customized notification once a week; we would be talking about 4,000 notifications a month during our early stage.

  1. Funding Requested

We are asking for $15,000 USD, which by 29.12.22 is equivalent to 60,975 $PUSH ($0.246). The money will be used mainly to pay salaries of our developers and designers.

  1. Milestones

App launch in App Store and Play Store: 1st week of January

Existing brands’ onboarding: 1st week of January

New brands acquisition by pitching idea (2,000 NFTs): Starting 2nd week of January

Push Protocol integration to push enable direct communication between brands and customers: 2nd week of January

Creation of the Marketplace: Q2 2023

Gamification and leveling up of NFTs: Q2 2023

Insights for brand and customers: Q3 2023

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Webpage: loty.io

Twitter: lotyio_

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We do not have a referral, we heard from the grant attending Devcon Bogotá

Hope you guys find the project interesting! Thank you

Thank you for submitting your proposal @nicoblanco12
After the Push Review Committee did a first pass over the proposal, we want to ensure the Value Proposition for Push is more quantifiable.

This means, provide quantifiable data that can be used to measure the completion of goals. And in the case of projects that are not yet Live and still need to get traction and users - the goals for the initial milestone could also be put in terms of what is going to be the user acquisition strategy.

Milestone 1:

  • Finish Push Notifications Integration
    • Clearly define the list of use cases where notifications will be sent.
  • Define Push specific goals for the milestone
    • Forecast or provide supporting facts regarding the number of notifications (in avg) to be sent per user on a given timeframe.
    • Define a number of users that will be exposed to Push notifications to consider Milestone 1 completed.

The easiest way to measure ROI for Push is in terms of the total number of notifications sent in a short timeframe (week, month).

For similar projects looking to get traction and still in building phase, we have also suggested breaking the grant into smaller grants and follow an incremental approach → where the initial grant can be a Rapid Grant oriented exclusively to implement Push and come up with a small set of users and start generation traction.

Hi Jaf,

Thanks for the feedback, we will gladly make things more quantifiable for you.

We are currently on the last couple days of building and testing for our app to go into production. We have 7 committed brands that will start working with us as soon as we launch. Although the first MVP that we launch will not have push incorporated yet, it is definitely on the next sprint of development for us. We are giving notifications big importance in the project, since all brands are really interested in this feature. We want to have push incorporated in our solution, the latest March this year.

Use cases where notifications will be sent:

  1. Every time a brand wants to communicate a special offer for a client

  2. Every time a client achieves a certain goal and unlocks a new benefit

  3. Every time a brand sends an airdrop to its clients

Milestone 1:

One of the main goals of Loty is to enable a direct channel of communication between brands and its customers, and push notifications will be the way for us to achieve that. ---- End of Q2

The average size of collection for each brand is around 200 NFTs. By the time of launch we would have 1,400 NFTs in circulation and each one of them would be eligible to receive notifications.

If we assume that each brand will send 4 notifications per month to all their clients, we would be sending 5,600 notifications a month by March, only considering these 7 brands.

Milestone 2:

Our goal is to have at least 35 brands onboarded by the end of Q3 (brands that at least want to see the product live before joining), if we assume same average size of collection for these brands, we will have 7,000 NFTs in circulation. This would translate to approximately 28,000 notifications a month.

We will achieve this by onboarding customers in a smooth and easy way, not having to be crypto savvy (users can log in using wallet connect or only with an email and the wallet being created for them using web3auth); and minting the NFTs using a QR code without having to pay gas. This is already being integrated into our first MVP (Q1 2023).

Please let us know if you have any further doubts or comments. We would also be very happy to show you a demo of the app.

Hi @nicoblanco12 thanks for the clarification.

We’d love to have you join us on a Thursday during Office hours to demo Loty and get immediate feedback from our community. It also helps making the grant purpose more clear to everyone.

In regards to the milestones and goals:
Taking in consideration the real impact for Push will happen only by the end of Q2 and Q3, we’d like to suggest starting with a Rapid Grant that will help you build and scale Loty and you will also get our full support.

Happy to discuss this during office hours or in a separate call.