Push Governance Endorsement by Nación Bankless

  1. Project Name: Nación Bankless

  2. Email: cryptoreumd@protonmail.com

  3. About You:

    Intro and background of those involved. Please link Twitter accounts and choose the preferred contact method below.

    Hello Friends from push it’s very cool for me to keep pushing these initiatives to the growth and evolution of processes that we are actually facing in the web3 space. It’s been a while since our last post, that you can read here. As far as we go, the frontier it’s bigger and bigger, pushing us to divide our hands and try to pull back sometimes to understand and see which one is the best way to continue.

    Our Journey

    Nación Bankless started in May 2023, as a pop up from International Media Nodes, our home since November 2021. Since our creation, we have started to manage onboarding in real life events, newsletters, campaigns, media coverage, gitcoin rounds and now looking to keep the eye and push decentralization.

    You can learn a little more about us in Spanish here 1.

    Our Learning

    Since our inception, we have faced new narratives, the stronger that we are getting, the stronger the competition it’s near us, also the trouble that we face in every nation state, the capture, the governance inequities and the bureaucratic methods to obtain grants and funding of external projects. But with every battle we fight tired and frustrated, however honored and smarter, wiser and selected the best partners to continue. We started as a BanklessDAO project and we will continue, with the same values, and ethos that our constitution does.

    The Team

    • CryptoReuMD (Champion) Rheumatologist, MD, Currently champion of Nación Bankless, Co-Founder of Ethereum Mexico, Community Builder in Espacio Cripto, Advocate of HumanDAO, Member of DeSci Latam, Bankless DeSci.
    • https://twitter.com/cryptoreumd
    • Brenkiria (Diario Nación Bankless, Research and Input) Editor in chief, graphic designer, coordinator of the Spanish news section of the Latin American universe, professional trader, content creator at locura trader, currently leading the public goods and financial education section. Member of BanklessDAO - Nación Bankless since season 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
    • https://twitter.com/Brenkiria
    • Karen (Research, Lawyer, Finance Expert), Karen has personal finance courses, specialist in legal aspects thanks to her profession. Speaker in IRL events of Espacio Cripto, Bankless, Cryptoverisdad, NounsAmigosDAO, Talent Land.
    • https://twitter.com/AdvoktusDiaboli
    • Fabian (Chief editor) Our lead translator, editor, creative newsletter, GM:NB section, the daily local, global and creative news content newsletter, creator of Encriptados , active member of the DeFi communities, plus a strong background in Decentralization and Scalability
    • https://twitter.com/fabiancripto
    • René: (AV-Media and Community) Marketing strategies with 10+ years of experience in web2, marketing, content creation, social media management and community growth.
    • https://x.com/rene__hdz
    • Raymon: Ambassador at Vara Network, collab in Nacion Bankless, specializing in content creation and strategic alliance building within communities focused on blockchain and Web3 technologies. Organizer and host of live events on cryptocurrency and Web3 technology, contributing expertise and knowledge in the field of digital finance and decentralization.Co-founder of VaraChess, an innovative chess project under development within Vara Network, blending a passion for the game with cutting-edge blockchain technology.
    • https://x.com/raymomentz
  1. Project TL:DR

    The objective of this proposal is to encourage governance within Push, to understand and help the creation of more Push nodes, starting with Bankless Nation, to make a Push tokenomics report with areas of improvement from the point of view of a DAOist from the research area of Bankless Nation and to make a synergy with all the tools, to become full web3.

  2. Proposal Category

  • DAO:
  • Tooling
  • Educational
  1. Project Overview

    Describe the project in detail. What is the work that needs to be done and what’s potentially already finished? What’s the timeline for the completion of the different tasks? How will the work be delegated among the team? What costs are involved?

Education and knowledge are fundamental things in the web3 ecosystem, and in Nación Bankless we like to educate, guide, and help more people to enter this great world of web3, but we already have more than 2 years of helping this great movement, but what we want is to continue educating, and keep our decentralization journey alive. We are aware of all the new technology that Push it’s creating and we want to be the edge of the sword to be the call to action and strong vibes between communities.

That is why we made this proposal that in itself is to make decentralization efforts and commitment, and also educational content trully related to governance and decentralization, webinar, newsletters and podcast in order to facilitate the process and help more people know everything about Push, we know that there is a lot of content about Push already and the subDAO in Spanish it’s doing it beautifully but we want to merge this knowledge and get it to the governance and business development aspect.

Behind the Bankless Nation team, there is a great team that works day by day inspired by everything we want to do and share, and what better to do now hand in hand with Push Protocol, we have already worked with them and we did not let them down in which we met all our goals and work we said we were going to achieve, part of the work was:



And much more content in which for a while we helped many people to understand more about Push, how it works, create their channel, and so on.

All this is primarily from the hand of education and sharing content, which is why we decided to continue building our way and continue being allies of a great project like Push Protocol.


1.- What is governance in web3?

2.- What is governance for and why does Push needs it?

3.- Governance failures, how to prevent them?

4.- Voting, decision, and organization mechanisms.

5.- Metagovernance


Newsletters are a direct way in which many people learn, that is why we will also publish five newsletters talking about the relevant topics that were and will be discussed in the webinar, to have both audio and written content so that anyone can review the information.

  1. Push Nodes
  2. Governance in Push and how it works
  3. Push Updated Roadmap
    1. V 2.5
    2. V 3
  4. Metamask snap
  5. Hyper scalable chat
  6. Push roles for groups
  7. Push multichain

Podcast/YT Videos

Share content about PUSH in audio-visual format about:

1.- Push Decentralization

2.- The evolution of Wallets as virtual desktops

3.- Interchain Communication

All this with guests or ambassadors from LATAM to know from their voices how it works

  1. Value Proposition to Push

    What are the benefits to the Push community for investing in this proposal?

A lot of people here already knows about Push, and we are not new here because we have worked together before and we are happy to be back in the forum. But we are no longer just the media platform that we have been several month ago, we are more sustainable and decentralized than ever. Ans we want to share this knowledge within the Push ambassadors and our Nation. If we can merge the subDAOs to make the governance process, to write about the protocols that are looking for grants or just giving feedback for other proposals as metagovernance process, we can shine the discourse and the proposals.

There is something we are very clear about as a project and subDAO is that we want to be a reference in web3 education, decentralization and governance, looking to share this ethos with all the community, helping more people to get into this great ecosystem but with the best values, and tools to keep the journey easier and unforgettable.

What benefits Push is a greater vision of the Latin American side, but also our compromise and our effort denotes a commitment to remain an independent node capable of ensuring Push’s decentralization. While we don’t yet have the details to know what’s coming and what the requirements will be, we would love to allocate a fixed portion of the grant to make the wall of our participation higher.
Decentralization is our greatest strength, we are in the process of creating an open and public governance forum for our decision making with reports to our readers and those who follow and support us.
We are currently in the process of having a delegate for Starkent, we have a selected delegate from Push who is also an Ambassador, we participate in the governance of Gitcoin, Arbitrum, Optimism as observers and for learning, knowledge that will always be available for discussion, since each forum and community is totally different and greed is roaming like Moloch’s trap very close to the protocols that trigger this variable.

  1. Funding Requested

    2.000 USD

  2. Milestones

    These need to be specific and a timeline set for the completion of each step. Funding will often be tied to the agreed-upon steps and timeline set here.

Webinars go hand in hand with newsletters, what we want to do is that each person who takes a webinar has a kind of guide so they can go step by step and not get lost along the way, then it would be as follows:

  1. What is governance in web3?
    1. february 2024
  2. What is governance for and why does Push need it?
    1. march 2024
  3. Governance failures, how to prevent them?
    1. march 2024
  4. Voting, decision, and organizational mechanisms
    1. april 2024
  5. Metagovernance
    1. april 2024

There will be a total of five and they will be carried out together with proper newsletter to let our readers and community members to know what is going to be discussed.

The podcasts/YouTube videos will be an incredible complement to reinforce all the content already seen before, where we will go in-depth with people with experience about Push and everything mentioned above, the content will be divided:

1.- Push Decentralization: February 2024

2.- The evolution of Wallets as virtual desktops: March 2024

3.- Interchain Communication: March 2024

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/NacionBankless

Website: Nación Bankless

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Thanks for reading =)


Delighted with this proposal, a great project that together we seek decentralization, but everything must start with value education content from the hand of people and a project with the same values, seeking greater adoption, education and decentralization, we will do our best to include, help, educate and bring more people to Push and all that surrounds it.


Sounds grate, @CryptoReuMD. Have an Push node on Latam.
You got a point about the Push nodes (2024) I don’t have a lot information about this topic. Let me ask in the forum to research more information.


Thank you for submitting your follow-up grant to the forum. The Push Review Committee has examined the case and we are excited to move forward with the second grant.

The success observed so far has made it easy for us to recognize the positive impact of continuing our support.

We commend your reporting practices, considering them an example of transparency for fellow grantees. Choosing to use the forum for updates and general impact reports adds an extra layer of transparency, allowing the community to stay informed and engaged.


What a wonderful notice. We are evolving and we want to help to create the new governance for the people and for the new subDOAs.

Now, i’m staking all the compensation that i’ve got in the first grantee as a commitment and compromise, and we will disburse the grant for more on chain activity inside push, besides the notifications. Here is the transaction and i hope that another beneficiaries of the grant could help and be more committed to the protocol.

Nice! We are here to help, if someone else needs help writing their report or their grant we are happy to help with no fees or something like that, we have a committee that’s being trained to understand the needs and the hows.