Push en Español 2023 Year in Review 🎯

The path to transforming a group of Ambassadors into part of a SubDao of PushDAO began just a few months ago.

Forgetting that there was no code of conduct to work together, attempting to coordinate the team’s skills, learning from each challenge, and above all, following the intuition to explore. Ambassadors Latam is born from the idea of combining talent and opportunities in web3 in a crisis environment.

Allow me, as the PM of the SubDAO Ambassadors Latam, to guide you through the journey of our chapters in 2023.

Our Mission

Operate as a Push Ambassadors’ SubDAO group tasked with raising awareness and representing Push Protocol in communities worldwide.


We started our journey in May 2023.

A team comprised of 13 Spanish-speaking talents, proudly representing Latam with the desire to maximize the benefits of decentralized communications.

Countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela had representatives.

What started with a budget of 2500 USD (in Push tokens) increased to 3000 USD within 3 months, distributed according to the level of contribution from its members. Experimenting with web3 tools like Coordinape, Jokerace, and Charmverse accelerated our learning curve, making us early citizens of DAOs.

How we did it?

To increase awareness of Push Protocol, we shared valuable educational content in various formats, organized in-person and virtual events, and collaborated with various Spanish-speaking communities, aiming to positively impact each of their members through communication.

Meetings IRL & Representation of Ambassadors Latam: 12

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Colombia + Costa Rica

Eth CC | Eth Global Paris

Eth Argentina

Cripto Latin Fest

Platzi Conf

Blockchain Summit Latam

Caracas Blockchain Week



EFDevconnect | Eth Global Estambul

Eth Colombia Hackathon

Workshops IRL & Virtuals: 15


Eth Arauca

SDK Push Protocol introduction


Infra cripto: Solow
Web3 native communication: Eth Venezuela + Eth Kipu
Eth Argentina
Turing Box: Push en la UNAL CO
Nación Bankless
Eth Bogotá: Fundamentos de Solidity
Blockchain Summit Latam
Pizza DAO CR
Caracas Blockchain Week
Eth Colombia Hackathon

Twitter Spaces organized by Push en Español: 11

Growing as web3 communities: Starknet
Puch token launchpad: Polygon Latam + Nación Bankless
Push in the Cripto Latin Fest
13k susbcribers in Shapeshift channel: Shapeshif en Español
How to make a DAO: Eth Colombia
Arbitrum GovMonth, news & Push Protocol
Push in the Blockchain Summit Latam: Ángela Ocando
Push in the Caracas Blockchain Week
Gaming web3: Polygon, Xerial, Game Evolution
Ambassador Argentina
New Ambassadors with CriptoCuriosas & Solow

Spaces in which Push en Español have been invited: 8

Push Protocol´s introduction
Knowing Push Protocol: 100 Días de Research
Knowing Sebas Guaqueta, Push Ambassador Latam: Nación Bankless
Talking about Eth Argentina: Push Protocol
Push news, alphas & more: Nación Bankless
Bat Latam <> Push en Español
What is Loty, news & more
How does it work Push Protocol? with Kairos Research

Youtube videos: 8

Know to the first web3 communication native protocol

Create a notification channel with Push Protocol
Implementation of push notification in smart contract
Implementation of push notification in frontend
What would you do if you won a grant?
How to participate in Push DAO Programs?
Push Snaps: Notifications in your Metamask wallet
Workshop with Nación Bankless

TikTok videos: 19

What is Push Protocol?
History of Push
What about Push v2
Incentives Program
Push x Immunefi
$Push token in Polygon
How Opt-In in a Push channel?
Argentina crypto country?
Earning Crypto for Creating Content?
Crypto Protocol Ambassador
BTC Tracker
Blockchain Summit Latam
Web3 projects and his Push channels

Caracas Blockchain Week
Argentina touring
Workshop in the Web3GamingGo
Ambassadors experience

Medium posts: 33

How to Remember Events You Want to Attend Without Overwhelming Yourself
Detailed Guide for Implementing Push NFT Chat
Grants for College Students with Back 2School Uni Collabs
The $PUSH token is now on Polygon and QuickSwap!
PushXPolygon: Enhancing UX in Web3
Push Protocol V2: New Rewards, Utilities, and Features!
Push x ShapeShift | Shaping the Future of DEX User Experience
New Rewards in Push’s Yield Farming: Get to Know All the Details.
RECAP July Push en Español
Staking and Migration Guide for the PushV2 Rewards Program
Introducing the Push Ambassadors Program in India
The dApps on Polygon benefit from native Web3 communication
Billion Reasons to Build: Seeking the Best Web3 Developers in India
Using WEB3 tools to power a DAO
Enhancing the DeFi experience on Polygon | Push x QuickSwap
RECAP August Push en Español
Bringing Push to MetaMask Snaps
Revolutionizing virtual events and social interactions with decentralized video chat
Business-to-User (B2U) Messaging: Push Protocol x Unstoppable Domains
Delving into the features of Push Snaps and getting started

Breaking down and comparing different decentralized communication technologies
4 Reasons to separate the communication and execution layers of your dApp
Exploring Push Protocol’s relationship with other decentralized communication methods
The future of communication: Chats with NFTs
RECAP September Push en Español
Benefits of participating in web3 events
Maximizing Network Resilience: The Push Protocol Advantage
Meeting our Grantees: Loty
Push x ETHGlobal Istanbul — Improve your user experience and win $10,000 in prizes
RECAP October Push en Español
Introducing Notification Settings: customize your web3 notifications
We are looking for a new Push ambassador in Argentina!
RECAP November Push en Español

Notable partners:

Push en Español continued its journey to promote adoption of our technology with several protocols integrating and using Push Protocol for their communication needs. Some of the notable ones are ShapeShift en Español, Arbitrum en Español, Polygon Latam, Nación Bankless, Loty, and more Grantees.

Also, our member participated in major hackathons and conferences including ETHGlobal, EFDevconnect, ETHCC, ETHColombia, CriptoLatinFest, BlockchainSummitLatam, CaracasBlockchainWeek, ETHArgentina.

Thank you to the Push team, specially to Jaf for being our leader and mentor on this journey of learning and experimentation.

2023 has been wonderful, and we are already passionately prepared to continue growing in community in 2024 and push the boundaries of decentralized communications! :bell: :purple_heart:


Congratulations. I think that something that it’s making Push different it’s that it’s not making the classic “translate all and poste it again” you, friends, are a very committed group with their own governance process, creative content, great talent and high quality conversations. As a SubDAO member and currently a coordinator, it’s incredible to see these branches in other DAO.

And we were very happy to see this happening. We love working with all the great ambassadors :D.

As we evolve as a community, we are going to continue helping with the growth of every community. Thank you for this mention.

And the best it’s not yet here, this is a great opportunity for our countrys to have a voice and use the decentralized applications as new tools for governance and sovereignty.



It’s truly inspiring to observe the evolutionary journey this team has undergone to reach its current form. After very intensive months of experimentation the eager-to-learn team attitude has proven to be the winning factoe for the success of this group.


Wow! This is a powerful post. We can see a lot of work of the SubDAO “Push en español” and can I see the next milestones for 2024. :smile:


OMG. Thank you for the comment. The talent of the group is highly remarkable; nothing would be the same without their skills and their willingness to explore and engage more and more with our governance process.

We witness the contribution of Nacion Banklees, especially as Push Grantees. In 2024, we will continue working together to further grow the ecosystem.


Jaf, thank you for the constant motivation.
I’m really happy that the group is seen as a team. In my opinion, that’s what has set it apart from other ambassador groups. Despite working with a bounty system, collaboration and openness to experimentation have been key points for the success.


Friend, a great 2024 is coming!

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Wow! It is comforting to see how the program has grown thanks to the momentum of the team. As a suggestion, since Push as a protocol is focused on integrations, it would be interesting to include how this mission is being targeted or if it has already been done with the Latino projects that became grantees.


Alright, we will be including updates on the collaborative work with the Latin Grantees of Push DAO :blush:


Also @Carlaupgrade as discussed today during the Governance call, this transparency report is something we should do routinely coming from the Ambassadors Latam group.
Maybe together with 1 public ceremony ?

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Loved to see this report. Since there are other 2 programs ongoing. Would love to see how those are also bringing transparency to the forum.

I know Latam is the oldest one and the most results are expected from it but it seems from past gov calls or even the activity in the dao forum that the others aren´t quite active or even active at all.

Would really appreciate to check out their monthly reports and participation of their leads in the calls.


Thanks for the feedback, @CryptoReuMD Your support and the Nación Bankless are invaluable.

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Thanks for yor comments, @incakolitazero

That will be really interesting to see, I can’t wait to see how the DAO will continue to leverage Push Ambassadors this year in all verticals.


I really love what are you doing i know this new year will be amazing for Push en Español :purple_heart: Keep building :bell:

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