PGP Proposal: DAOhub - Unlock the power of your DAO with AI

  1. Project Name: DAOhub

  2. Email:

  3. About You
    Arda Erturk - CEO & Founder (linkedin[dot]com/in/ardaerturk/)
    I studied machine learning & data science at University of Toronto between 2016-2021. During my academic career, I worked at Canada’s largest bank, Scotia Bank, as a solutions architect under Global Wealth Management department. During my 3rd year, I co-founded Roll Scooters which is backed by Techstars. I’m a strong believer in the future of DAOs and that’s why I’m pivoting myself into this industry. I’m part of various DAOs including Lime DAO, Constellation DAO, and building my own DAO called AceDAO.

4.Intro and background of those involved.
Daniel Robinson - Founding Engineer (linkedin[dot]com/in/danielrobinson94/)
Daniel is a self-taught web3 engineer. He has prior DAO and DApp experience as lead developer including Fragmints. He also worked at Goldman Sachs as an analyst prior to his engineering career.

Calson Sheng - Founding AI Engineer (linkedin[dot]com/in/calson-sheng-82085a101/)
Calson is a second-time entrepreneur, pursuing his Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Toronto. Arda met Calson at one of the web3 events he hosted in Toronto. At the time, Calson was building a DAO analytics platform where he uses Natural Language Processing models and sentiment analysis to enable data-driven decisions. He then joined forces and integrating his platform into DAOhub!

  1. Project TL:DR
    DAOHub offers AI-powered data analytics and governance solutions to help DAOs maximize community engagement and decision-making efficiency.

6.Quick pitch summarizing the proposal in 2-3 sentences.*
Our platform includes several products, such as a voting product that sends email notifications when a new proposal is created and provides a ChatGPT summarized version to make it easier for members to vote. We also have a data analytics product that provides sentiment analysis, subjectivity analysis, and engagement tracking for community-based web3 companies. In addition, we offer a ChatGPT search product that uses AI-powered technology to search and analyze discussions in community-based web3 companies.

  1. Proposal Category
  • DAO
  • Tooling
  1. Project Overview
  2. ChatGPT-powered search bar for DAOs: Our ChatGPT-powered search bar is a powerful and flexible tool designed to streamline the internal document and data organization of DAOs. With advanced natural language processing, the search bar allows for effortless data retrieval and analysis, while also providing data query and visualization tools for complex data.

With our easy-to-use API, you can allow your members to access this tool integrate this bar into your website or Discord, giving members quick and seamless access to vital information.

  1. Proposal Notification System: A system that enables DAO members to sign up for email notifications on new proposals submitted to the DAO. The system will provide a summarized version of the proposal, along with a link to the full proposal for members to review before voting.

  2. AI-Powered Data Analytics Platform: A data analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning technologies to provide insights on DAO operations, governance, and decision-making. The platform will allow DAOs to make data-driven decisions, monitor progress, and optimize operations.

We are already trialing 2nd and 3rd products with prominent DAOs. We are currently in the development phase of the first product.

  1. Value Proposition to Push Protocol
    By investing in our proposal, you will be supporting the development of cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way DAOs operate.

Specifically, our proposal aims to provide support for our AI-powered data analytics and proposal notification products, which will help DAOs to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on the latest proposals. In addition, we are developing a ChatGPT-powered search bar that will simplify the process of finding relevant information within DAOs.

We believe that our project aligns with the goals of the Push Protocol community, as it has the potential to enhance the transparency, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of DAOs. By investing in our proposal, you will be contributing to the growth and advancement of the DAO ecosystem.

  1. Funding Requested
    We are asking for 30,000 PUSH

  2. Milestones

  3. Milestone 1: Onboard 30 DAOs to use the AI-powered data analytics product within the first 2 months of receiving the grant.

  4. Milestone 2: Launch the proposal notification product with 50 DAOs and increase the average voter turnout by 30% within the first 4 months of receiving the grant.

  5. Milestone 3: Launch the ChatGPT-powered search bar for DAOs and generate at least 5,000 API calls on a daily basis within the first 6 months of receiving the grant.

  6. Milestone 4: Host educational webinars and publish blog posts to share insights and best practices with the Push Protocol community about how to effectively use our products to improve their DAO’s decision-making processes.

  7. Milestone 5: Conduct user research to gather feedback from the DAOs using our products and implement necessary updates and improvements to continuously enhance the user experience.

  8. Wallet Address

13.Payments will be made in $PUSH token on mainnet.*

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15.If applicable, please share applicable links to your project (e.g., website, Twitter, GitHub)*