PGP Proposal: Ethereum Payment Infrastructure ( aka EPI)

  1. Project Name
    EPI ( Ethereum Payment Infrastructure)
  2. Email
  3. About You
    I am Pranav of house Singhal. First of my name. Buidler of Dapps. Conquerer of EthIndia 2018. Engineer of Software for the Postman Guild. Writer of Smart contracts in Solidity.

I have been an active participant in several hackathons since EthIndia 2018. We represented NuCypher in EthIndia 2019. I am proficient in Js and Solidity. I have been an active member in the Ethereum community.

  • Email:
  • Twitter handle: _pranav_singhal
  • Discord: pranav#1811
  1. Project TL:DR
    Elevator Pitch : ETH San Francisco submission
    note: the future timeline on the video is incorrect

EPI ( aka Ethereum payment infrastructure) is increasing crypto payment adoption by providing a unified platform for both customers and vendors. Presently, there are no platforms that let vendors accept crypto payments non-custodially. We have built a payment gateway ( called EPI-Pay) that works with our wallet ( EPI-wallet) and any other EVM compatible wallet. Using Push protocol, we enable in-app messaging and use Push as a communication channel between our payment gateway and wallet

  1. Proposal Category
  • Defi & Tooling
    EPI is primarily concerned with enabling payments for real world commodities. Thus DeFi is the best fit as the project category
  1. Project Overview

Using our platform, users can:

  • use crypto ( currently supports Ethereum and Eth based ERC-20 tokens) to buy consumer goods online. Any vendor can integrate our crypto payment gateway ( EPI-Pay) and start accepting crypto payments using our wallet ( EPI-Wallet) or any other wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc

  • Scan any UPI ID ( a popular Indian payment interface) using our wallet. This will let the customer spend crypto without the vendor having any knowledge about crypto or web3. It works natively with any QR code that is connected to a UPI ID. We will provide liquidity for all such transactions.

Benefits to users and markets

By using EPI, any vendor can start accepting crypto payments. This will provide crypto-traders an avenue to spend crypto in the real world. As crypto adoption goes mainstream, it will be treated more as a medium of exchange than a tradable asset. This will promote positive use of crypto and hence regulate the volatility in the market prices of cryptocurrencies.

As more people are able to spend crypto on daily goods ( powered by UPI compatibility of EPI), government will be able to create more stable taxation policies around it. This will increase the trust of the common public in crypto-payments and bootstrap mass adoption of crypto currencies

  1. Value Proposition to Push Protocol
    We firmly believe that messaging lies at the heart of any wallet. While this is a common feature in almost all Fiat wallets such as google pay, Paypal and Apple Pay, no wallets in web3 are doing that right now.

Using Push protocol we want to bring this experience to web3. Every user using the EPI wallet will be able to discover and connect with their community on our platform seamlessly. Below is a Flywheel diagram of how EPI products will enhance the usage of each other, and thus bring more people to web3. All of this is powered by the intuitive, yet powerful tooling provided by Push

Working demo: ht‌tps://

  1. Funding Requested
    We request a funding of 75000 Push Tokens @0.27$/ Push ( roughly 20000 tokens)

We need the funding for 3 major purposes

  • Incentivising active development using Gitcoin bounties
  • Incentivising full time engineers to work with us to take our platform natively to IOS and Android
  • Maintain a liquidity pool ( to enable off-ramping of coins so that customers can pay any vendors not accepting crypto, IN Crypto )
  1. Milestones
  • Current standing

Wallet working and live ( link below)
EPI-Pay: available for integration to any react based store front ( github repo link below)

  • Milestone 1:
    Date of delivery: 15th January 2023

Add the ability to switch networks, view balances of all tokens, discover friends using the wallet

  • Milestone 2:
    Date of delivery: 15th February 2023

Integrate Razorpay/ Stripe to enable EPI to UPI payments. Users can now spend their ERC-20 tokens or Ethereum with any vendor who has UPI. We will add support for only those ERC-20 tokens that can be swapped for USDT/DAI on Uniswap. This is done to ensure that our liquidity pool remains stable during periods of market volatility

  • Milestone 3:
    Date of delivery: 30th March 2023

Launch a private alpha program with users. Reach out to people in the crypto community to download EPI wallet and start giving feedback. Using the Push grant amount, we can launch gitcoin bounties for bug fixes, improvements and incentivise continues development

  • Milestone 4:
    Date of Delivery: (30th April 2023)

Finish adding support for wallets like Metamask, Wallet Connect and Light wallet to EPI-Pay;
Deploy the EPI-DAO smart contract to mainnet. This smart contract will allow EPI-wallet users to do gasless payments when paying via EPI-pay

  • Milestone 5:
    Date of delivery: (estimated based on success of alpha launch 15th May)

Once we have about 100 daily active users, we also want to start reaching out to vendors who want to use EPI pay on e-commerce store.

  1. Wallet Address

  2. Relevant Links & Attachments

  • EPI Wallet: github.‌com/pranav-singhal/epi-wallet

  • EPI Pay: github.c‌om/pranav-singhal/epi-pay

  • Live wallet (currently has gated access):
    ^ to access the wallet, please reach out to us

  1. Referral
    Fabio from Push (aka Jon Snow) protocol team at Eth Sanfrancisco 2022

Well, the model looks promising. I hope it goes all well.
Looking forward to buying my first whisky sour with my eth.

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Thanks mate
very soon :vulcan_salute:

This would be useful for people already familiar with UPI!
Also, can you guys add some feedback to the UI when I try to import a wallet? It’s not super clear as of now.
Looking forward to this in the market soon!

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Thanks mate
Working on the UI - there’s a policy of unique usernames - it should error out - but right now it just fails in the background. will add some better handling for it. Keep the feedback coming

This is on cool innovative product. Congratz!

I do have a few questions regarding the milestones.
There needs to be a clear ROI opportunity for Push with every grant, which most of the time is in the form of:

  • How many users will be receiving notifications and/or chats.
  • How many notifications will they be receiving
  • How often will they receive them

These 3 answers will make it very clear to quantify the benefit for Push to support this grant. There will be other factors as well, however for Push these are always important.

Also, please think of elaborating more on how your team will achieve that goal of having 100 daily active users

  • Whats your strategy to get to the first 100 daily users?
  • When do you expect to get there? How many for milestone 1,2,3…

The idea is put very clear in front of the community the value proposition for Push.

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this is a really cool project, i would like to see the ability to search for people by username who are using the wallet

This seems to be a great initiative. UPI based payment is something which many countries are trying to achieve. I believe integrating this with UPI will open more opportunities in near future.

Do you functionality for withdraw crypto equilateral money to bank account or top up wallet in crypto with local currency?

hi @lucifer
Just bumping up this one.

There is a new process which starts here: Push Grants Program

The new process is simpler and faster, however is great that you shared your proposal here for discussion.
The community liked very much what you presented, and I believe you guys are in great position to resume this proposal so we can try to take it further.

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