PGP Proposal: Woop Pay - Adding Push Notifications to Crypto Payment Requests

1.Project Name

Woop Pay


3.About You

The project was built by Agency Developer DAO team members:

  • alerex
    co-founder & developer

  • Gordo,
    co-founder & product designer

4.Project TL:DR

Woop Pay is a web application that simplifies cryptocurrency payment requests. You can connect your wallet to create a payment request and share it. Woop Pay supports native tokens ETHER and MATIC, and popular ERC20 tokens such as DAI, USDC, TETHER, WETH, and WBTC.

5.Proposal Category

  • Defi
  • Tooling

6.Project Overview

If you are exchanging goods or services, you can connect to Woop Pay and select the amount you want to receive in one of your favourite tokens. After creating a payment request, the application will generate a link. This link can be copied and shared with the payer. The link also creates a QR code which can be scanned to initiate an immediate payment. The payer can then use the link to connect their wallet and execute the payment based on the requested amount, token, and network.

The existing flow is lacking a notification mechanism to inform the payment requester when a transaction created via Woop Pay link is executed. The current alternative consists of regularly checking either the wallet balance or Etherscan for an update. By adding integration with PUSH, we will deliver higher value to the E2E flow

What works needs to be done to complete the Push integration?

  1. Generate notification for the payment requester after tx is confirmed => Timeline: 1 week
  2. Retrieve notifications => Timeline: 0.5 week
  3. Update Woop Pay UI to display live notifications per connected address => Timeline: 1,5 week

The above tasks will be split between a backend (alerex) and frontend (gordo) developer:

  • alerex will work on tasks 1 and 2 => costs: 20 hours (175$ per hour)
  • gordo will work on task 3 => costs: 10 hours (100$ per hour)

7.Value Proposition to Push Protocol

The integration between Woop Pay and Push aims at increasing the amount of Push notifications in the ecosystem across both mainnet and layer 2. For each woop pay transaction, a push notification will be generated. The expected ratio, thus, is 1 Woop transaction = 1 Push notification.

The product was officially launched on the 20th of December 2022. From the beginning, we report:

  • 41 followers on the Twitter account
  • 33 weekly users visit (29 unique users)
  • 9 weekly transactions - we don’t have yet visibility on which network these transactions happened

What is our GTM strategy?

Our strategy is focused on user acquisition in the web3 space.We want to target users that are part of the Ethereum ecosystem (including both mainnet and layer-2), that have already used a wallet and submitted a transaction.

The strategy will have a multi-approach. It consists of:

  1. Expanding our follower base on Twitter with new content and engagement in relevant threads. We are planning to leverage the D_D community.
  2. Building relationships with other web3 protocols to present the added value of using woop pay. The scope of the relationship will also be to present the product to their community. In this regard, we are planning to integrate with DeFi protocols (Uniswap - automatic token swap), social media protocols (Lens - share request on Lens protocol), privacy (Aztec - making transactions private), notification (Push - alerting payment requester when tx is completed) etc.
  3. Relying on users bringing other users with the woop share link.

8.Funding Requested

19550 $PUSH


Milestone 1
Description: Complete the integration between Woop Pay and Push protocol
Time: 3 weeks
How to measure it?

  • Every transaction on woop pay will generate a Push notification
  • Getting to 40 weekly transactions = 40 weekly Push notifications

Milestone 2
Description: Increase woop pay usage by leveraging both the Push and D_D community
Time: 2,5 weeks
How to measure it?

  • Getting to 200 weekly users visiting the woop pay website
  • Getting to 100 followers on Twitter
  • Getting to 80 weekly transactions = 80 weekly Push notifications

10.Wallet Address


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