PIP-06: Reimburse channel-creation gas fees in $PUSH on developer request


Reimburse channel-creation gas fees in $PUSH on developer request

Link to the draft proposal


The goal of EPNS is to have developers integrate with the EPNS system. One obstruction for underfunded or hobbyist developers is the gas fees op opening a notification channel.

Proposal Description

Allow developers to request a $PUSH airdrop commensurate with the value of the gas fees they paid to create a channel. I suggest doing this on request so that only those that care about the gas cost get reimbursed.

A potential flow:

  1. Dev creates a channel
  2. Dev shares etherscan links to their channel creation in a google form
  3. EPNS team does a monthly accounting to send devs $PUSH relative to the market price
  4. Claiming the reimbursement requires posting the project name, description and live URL to the DIscord

Potential abuse-prevention metrics:

  1. Time-limit reimbursement applications (e.g. reimbursements must be done within 24h of the channel creation)
  2. Only reimburse 80% of the gas as $PUSH
  3. Only reimburse to the address that created the channel

Benefits of PIP-06

The main goal of EPNS is to integrate with protocols and applications. To that end, removing any barrier to that goal is desirable.

Additionally, since reimbursements are in $PUSH the developers would immediately have skin in the game regarding EPNS governance.


All in favor to move this one for voting!

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Good idea, I support

Buena propuesta, el desarrollo de un ecosistema y diverso también inclusivo requiere incentivos estratégicos que bajen las barreras de entrada para los potenciales participantes que así lo requieren y veo conveniente también requierenles a estos posibles participantes alguna pequeña contraprestación siempre y cuando esta sea exclusivamente para beneficiar a la comunidad en su conjunto… la participación en el discord que se menciona en la propuesta parece acorde pero quizás se pudiera adicionar algún punto más como la publicación en más redes sociales o la creación de material didáctico relevante para la comunidad

Good proposal, the development of a diverse and inclusive ecosystem requires strategic incentives that lower the barriers to entry for potential participants who require it and I see it convenient to also require these potential participants some small consideration as long as this is exclusively to benefit the community as a whole… the participation in the discord that is mentioned in the proposal seems appropriate but perhaps some more point could be added such as the publication in more social networks or the creation of relevant didactic material for the community

Yeah, I really like the idea. I’m in the support of this.
It should also go through the deployment cycle of staging to production.

This Proposal has passed its Discussion Phase and will be moved to Snapshot soon.

By any chance will this be retroactive or for future channels? Slashed reimbursement could be initiated for older addresses that are active! (60%-50%-40% etc. of reimbursement in $PUSH)!

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hi @oshuajayzo
Just seeing this reply now.
It will not be retroactive for now as the proposal already passed and was approved and effective after the approved date.

This proposal has been approved as of June 14th with a total votes in favor of 1.6M - representing 99.84% of the votes.


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